Anxiety on the GO - Travel Anxiety Breakthrough

Overcoming Travel Anxiety

Hi again friends!

For years, I've suffered with travel anxiety, anxiety while traveling. Here's how I dealt with travel anxiety.I've had major personal accomplishments this summer with regards to  my anxiety disorder  and travel; dealing with my travel anxiety.

For several years, I've found every excuse in the world to avoid trips to Los Angeles and New York. (I used to go to both places quite a lot.)

This summer, I've gone to L.A. on four separate business trips, and last week, I am proud to say, I did New York! It was the first time I took on New York City in more than three years.

For a long time, I avoided New York due to fears: claustrophobia in tunnels, heavy traffic, and general fear of immobility. I avoided L.A. for the heavy traffic. However, I've learned that I can do business in these two critical cities, I just have to do it, "my way."

Here's how I dealt with travel anxiety and did it "my way."

  1. Flew in and out of these cities at non-prime times.
  2. Did the driving at off peak hours.
  3. Convinced myself that I could do it if 10 million others can do it.
  4. Came to the realization that no traffic has ever been "stuck" forever. Every traffic jam in U.S. history eventually "moved!"
  5. Allowed the juices inside me to "embrace" the experiences, and I began to "enjoy" and become excited about New York and L.A.
  6. Treated myself to the great feeling of enjoying great restaurants and being with business associates and friends in places that were really "cool."
  7. Took deep breathes when needed, got my exercise, and relaxed when I needed to do so. (THERE are places to relax even in NY and LA !)
  8. Made note of highway conditions when they were NOT overcrowded. Traffic is NOT horrible all the time, as I had imagined or "remembered" from several years ago.
  9. Pretended I don't have anxiety disorders. I'm "just like everyone else."
  10. Focused on my business - the reason I was there!

What a terrific feeling. By ridding myself of travel anxiety, I've eliminated some major limitations in my business and personal life. I can do New York and L.A., so long as I do it, "my way." It can work!

Keep Fighting the Good Fight,

David B.

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