Build a Quarantine Routine to Support Self-Esteem

April 7, 2020 Jessica Kaley

My usual routines for self-care are failing while I'm in quarantine, and my self-esteem is suffering because I feel unproductive. Healthy self-esteem allows us to take care of ourselves and love ourselves because we believe we are worth the effort. The last few weeks have been difficult as I struggle to adapt to the restrictions placed on us by the COVID-19 pandemic. After I spent one week doing nothing to take care of myself, I created a quarantine routine to help rebuild my self-esteem and get back to feeling productive.

Practice Self-Love in Your Quarantine Routine for Self-Esteem

It's okay to show yourself the self-love you deserve by allowing yourself as much time as you need to process all the emotions that recent events evoke. For most of us, this is the most difficult time in our lives so far. Now it's time to begin to look outward and slowly begin to build a new quarantine routine to build self-esteem in our homebound days.

In the video, I'll share with you the tool I used as a quick start to get moving again. My self-esteem blossomed again as I began to practice self-care despite my anxiety about how the people I love and the world, in general, will fare during this crisis.

Let me know in the comments if you think it could help you and share what you've been doing this week to make sure that your self-esteem stays as strong as possible. Have you created a quarantine routine?

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Author: Jessica Kaley

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Lizanne Corbit
April, 7 2020 at 11:59 am

I love the video share! It's amazing how technology is allowing us to feel and stay connected, so thankful for that. I think this is a wonderful point: "Healthy self-esteem allows us to take care of ourselves and love ourselves because we believe we are worth the effort." Making the connection between healthy self-esteem, and healthy self-care is so vital. Now, more than ever, we are being called to go in and need to make sure we are taking extra care along the way.

April, 7 2020 at 2:09 pm

Thank you, Lizanne, for making a connection, it's appreciated. I am certainly getting more comfortable with video presentations in the last few weeks! I'm glad you enjoyed the share.

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