Manage Depression With Gratitude and Positivity

December 29, 2013 Liana M. Scott

No amount of gratitude or positivity can fix depression, but they're worth using for depression management. Find out what my year was like using those tools.

It's the end of another year. I am happy to say that I had no major depressive episodes in 2013. Rather, I was able to manage my depression through, among other things, practicing positivity and gratitude.

But the truth is, no manner of gratitude or positivity will fix depression. When you have depression, gratitude and positivity are two concepts that are simply too far out of reach. You know that there are an abundance of things to be grateful for, and that, if you could only remember them, things would seem far more positive. But, you simply haven't the energy or the frame of mind to list, count or comprehend what they are. That's why we need to cultivate gratitude and positivity during the good times.

Set a Daily Reminder to Be Grateful and Positive

And so, I must remind myself - daily - to be grateful and positive. Even for the tiny things. In doing so, I can keep my head above the water line. On the days I forget or flat out refuse (yes, sometimes I belligerently refuse), I can feel the dark waters of depression swirling around me just waiting to pull me under.

Last week I wrote about the top ten things I was grateful for at the very moment I was writing my blog. It was a powerful exercise because I was starting to feel the undertow of depression. Seeing what I was grateful for as I typed the words, bolstered my spirits. I leveled out and was able to think more positive thoughts.

Being Grateful and Positive Doesn't End Depression

I recently made friends with someone through Twitter. She too suffers from depression but, to a degree that I have never known. Her anguish is palpable and my heart breaks at her pain. On Twitter, she wrote, "I wish I could draw cartoons because I would draw one of me constantly running away from depression and never quite escaping." To which I responded, "Just draw a circle cuz that's what it feels like most times."

As 2013 comes to a close, I am so very grateful that my depression treatments, which include being grateful and positive, work for me. Not always . . . but enough for me to say that I made it through the year without a major depressive episode.

To all of you, here's wishing you a brave and healthy New Year!

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Author: Liana M. Scott

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Evalyn Curtis
October, 24 2014 at 7:11 am

I have suffered with depression ever since I can remember.
Abandoned and betrayed by the very people who areatsupposed to be your carers, and, others.
Physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually abused as I grew up and within my marriage.
I also decided as a teenager that I would put a smile on my face no matter what. It had always helped me feel better and when I get a smile from some stranger walking past, warms my soul.
I have gotten through another challenging year, glad to still be here.
Focussing on the positives in my life and being grateful are things that I have been doing also.
I have ensured that I go out and create positive experiences in my life to counteract the devastating hurt and pain that I wake up with inn my chest every day.
Putting my feet to the floor and taking that first step from my safe bed and room, a haven in my own home, takes enormous courage, going through my head is the mantra, I can do this, it's ok, I can do it. I can get myself through another pain filled day.
I decided on my 50th birthday that I would not think of suicide again, I had made it this far without taking my own life, so I obviously was not going to do it, so I have taken a new attitude of being here and living every day of my life,vbeing the best person I can be and just doing the best I can. I'm about to turn 57 and I believe I have only thoughtofsuicide once or twice.
I guess for me it seemed like a firm of escape. I deal with hard or bad situations now, by doing, taking a hold of the reins of my life and taking charge because inaction makes me tired and more depressed.
I am wishing yi ask brave people and survivors of this year, ask the best for 2015.
Hang in there, I'm glad I did, I now have a wonderful job, a wonderful family, a beautiful granddaughter, if I had opted out, I would not have been here to be a part of all of these positive days that I have had.

Nayla Jervis
February, 13 2014 at 12:07 pm

Yrs smiling with all ur might definitely works...other people might look at unoddly but it's an amazing feeling when someone you don't know smiles right back at you! It can make someone else's day which should in turn make you feel better about yourself. Making other people happy is very rewarding.

jolene weiss
February, 13 2014 at 9:06 am

good job--being grateful is Biblical--to be thankful each day in prayer is not for God's benefit, but for ours mostly. It keeps us focused on the things we got to be glad about.
All of the goals you stated and daily practice are excellent and will neutralize the negative. Keep up the good work.
Suggestion: practice smiling daily and practice laughing. Yes fake it--until you make it

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