My Last Post as a 'Coping with Depression' Author

October 4, 2018 Michelle Sedas

I’m writing my last post as a 'Coping with Depression' author. Discover the fear I’ve overcome, what I’ve learned, and get encouragement if you have depression.

I wrote my first post for Coping with Depression one year ago. This year has now come to an end, and I'm writing my last post as a Coping with Depression co-author for HealthyPlace. Today, I'm sharing with you a fear I've overcome, what I've learned this past year and encouragement for those suffering from depression.


My Greatest Fear as a 'Coping with Depression' Blog Author


I am often filled with anxiety, worry, and fear. As a highly sensitive person (HSP), I feel others' feelings deeply. I take on others' moods easily. I'm easily overwhelmed by external stimuli. When I'm more depressed, I'm easily triggered. I know how dark and debilitating depression can be. And I know that with this illness, lives are at stake. Because of the way my mind words and because of my concern for others, I have had a huge fear as a Coping with Depression blog author. 


My greatest fear as a Coping with Depression blog author has been that by writing about depression, I would trigger you and me to feel more depressed. I am happy to report that writing about depression for the past year has not made me more depressed. Being the co-author of this blog has been a very constructive outlet for me. 


What I've Learned as a 'Coping with Depression' Author


Blogging for HealthyPlace this past year has given me a chance to really delve into how I cope with depression. It has allowed me to examine what helps to improve my mood. While it can feel like depression is this overwhelming, oppressive force that can keep me immobilized, I now realize -- more than ever -- that the actions I take and the things I think play a huge role in how I cope with this illness. Going forward, I will continue to look for ways that I can win this battle with depression


Encouragement for Those Battling Depression


I would finally like to offer encouragement to anyone who suffers from depression. Remember that depression lies. So, don't believe the lies that depression tells you. Choose to fill your mind with the truth. The truth is that you are strong. Your illness is real. There are things you can do and help you can receive to allow yourself to feel better. When you're struggling, allow yourself to rest, but don't quit. When in darkness, find that glimmer of light and hold onto it. Keep fighting, because you're worth it. 


Thank you, 

Michelle Sedas, Coping with Depression Author

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Author: Michelle Sedas

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