Introduction to Kelly Epperson, Author of 'Coping with Depression'

February 1, 2021 Kelly Epperson

My name is Kelly Epperson, and I am very excited to join HealthyPlace as a contributor to the Coping with Depression blog. I suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of my children in 2012 and 2014. I will be sharing my experience with this illness and strategies that helped me cope.

Postpartum Depression Blindsides Kelly Epperson

Prior to becoming a mother, I had no experience with depression. My childhood was idyllic. I had wonderful parents and a strong emotional support system. I married my husband after graduating college and began a career in education. After giving birth to two healthy children, life seemed perfect. Nothing about my ideal situation, however, inoculated me from postpartum depression. While I had symptoms after our first child was born, the symptoms grew much worse after the birth of our second child. I felt hopeless and overwhelmed. I had terrible mood swings and overwhelming fatigue. I struggled with overeating and avoiding others. After months of suffering, I realized I had to get some help.

Kelly Epperson Gets Educated About Postpartum Depression

One of the most important parts of my treatment was becoming educated. I learned that no one is immune to depression, regardless of background. I learned that having postpartum depression is relatively common and didn’t make me a poor mother. With time and treatment, I was able to develop healthy coping strategies and manage contributing factors. I took antidepressant medication for a while and benefited greatly from counseling.

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I look forward to hearing your stories and learning together as we share our experiences. I want those struggling with postpartum depression to realize they are not alone in their journey. I want this blog at HealthyPlace to offer support, encouragement, and practical tips for those living with depression. You can do this. We can do this together.

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