How Healing Resentments Improves Sobriety

February 25, 2016 Becky Doyle

Improving sobriety by healing resentments is the ultimate goal of revisiting painful memories. When we have successfully navigated our memories and emotions, we have the opportunity to let them go so that they no longer harm us. In order for old resentments to no longer hold power over us, we have to choose to forgive ourselves and the other person. You can heal resentments to improve your sobriety.

Healing Resentments And Forgiveness Improves Sobriety

Healing resentments make sobriety manageable, and forgiveness is freeing. I learned to forgive people who hurt me. Healing resentment was powerful. Read this.The healing power of forgiveness is truly remarkable. Some people always challenge the idea of forgiving those who have wronged us, pointing out that they do not want to excuse the offender's behavior. Please remember that forgiving a person for hurting you is not the same as condoning their behavior. Forgiveness does not excuse behavior or downplay its effects; it simply frees you from the pain in your memory. Sometimes we feel a sense of righteous anger and holding onto the pain allows us to experience a sense of satisfaction. There are better ways to vent anger, though.

Healing Resentments From Bullying of 20 Years Past Video

Recently, I was working through the steps I outlined in the Revisit Painful Memories to Improve Sobriety process. I have not yet mastered how to let go of the negative emotions, but, in spite of that, had an extraordinary moment of healing with a stranger two weeks ago. Here is my story about healing resentment and improving my sobriety.

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