Unlock the Secret to Love and Happiness

July 26, 2014 Sydney Savion, D.Ed.

Mastering love and happiness is life’s greatest legacy to human race. Unless we uncover the secret to love and happiness, success is nothing but just an objective desire and achievement. ~ Unknown

Meaning of Love and Happiness

What is love? What is happiness? Have you ever said to yourself or others, “I just want find love and be happy?”

My closest family members, best friends and I say, “I love you” to each other from time to time. But, what does love really mean? I occasionally ask my friends, "Are you happy?" and they tend to say, "yes." Yet, what does happiness really mean?

Love and happiness are two of the most powerful emotions we experience as human beings. These emotions trigger the brain to release an assortment of chemicals such as dopamine, pheromones, serotonin, vasopressin and others that affect the mind, body and spirit. In essence, these chemicals influence your way of thinking, your views and the feelings you experience in your daily life. The meaning of love and happiness is endless. Based on my own lived experiences, I have landed on two thoughts:

  1. Love is patient, kind, trusting, humble, gracious, altruistic and calm.
  2. Happiness is a deep satisfaction and a sense of well-being. It is a positive feeling of immense fulfillment and joy.

What is love? What is happiness? Have you ever said, I just want find love and be happy? Learn to unlock the secret to love and happiness.

There is no pre-ready mix, no find love and be happy fix. You ask, "what’s the secret?" Well, uncovering the secret to love and happiness is not really a secret at all. It starts with love, kindness, respect and being at ease with you. Otherwise, your emotional bank account of love and happiness will not be full enough to give away to others you truly care about. And, you can count on happiness being strengthened when you do things with love, grace and gratitude.

Simply put, love and happiness are more easily experienced than expressed verbally or in the written word. These two emotions are connected to your attitude, actions, fulfillment, and well-being. This is important for many of you who strive for the summit of success in your career and academics. While attainment is laudable, without love and happiness, the enjoyment of it all is fleeting. Love and happiness shape and set in motion the meaningfulness, stories and legacy of your life. Uncover what love and happiness mean to you.

Seven Basics to Fostering Love and Happiness

What is love? What is happiness? Have you ever said, “I just want find love and be happy?” Learn to unlock the secret to love and happiness.

The lens by which we each view love and happiness is unique. There is no textbook formula. However, there are things you can do routinely to foster love and happiness:

  1. Love and take care of you.
  2. Be humble and kind to others.
  3. Stay calm and be patient with others.
  4. Be gracious in all things.
  5. Discover what brings peace.
  6. Express gratitude for life.
  7. Do these things daily.

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Author: Sydney Savion, D.Ed.

Dr Musli Ferati
July, 31 2014 at 1:43 am

To be honest, I'm starve for satisfying social skills as predictor to happy and successful life. So, I'm obliged to accept the power of your seven pinpoint of love and happiness, as the best way to get functional and blissful life. Indeed. life as intrigued journey get hold in itself numerous challenges: kind and unkind ones, beautiful and and evil moments... Summary, life is a mix of good and bad things, which ones are reflection of ours instant emotional and mental status. Even emotional outbreaks are beyond our conscience, there are many ways to control and modulate our feelings. On the first place, it is our thought and behave which ones determine global mental state, in respective place and time as well. After yours view of points,it ought to improve daily ours social skills, in order to manage our relationship. Without this prerequisite, every psych-social activity would be of temporary character. Let's be the start point our prepare to respect others without exemption!!!

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