How to Manifest a Better Version of Yourself

July 26, 2016 Silke Morin

You can manifest a better version of yourself daily. Creating the best version of yourself is admirable, but not realistic. Give yourself a break. Read this.

Are you living each new day to be a better version of yourself than you were the day before? If you are working toward self-actualization and personal fulfillment, learning from your life experiences, and navigating challenges with grace, you can begin to manifest a better version of yourself.

Not the Best, But a Better Version of Yourself

It is admirable to work toward being your best self, but I'm not sure it's all that realistic. Being the best assumes you have everything figured out. You do everything perfectly. Every thought is kind. Every word or action is intentional.

The reality is we are all humans and imperfect. So being our best may be unattainable. Being a better version of yourself, however, is not. A slight improvement is both something that you can strive for daily and something you can actually achieve.

Four Ways to Manifest a Better Version of Yourself

1. Develop greater awareness.

One way to manifest a better version of yourself is to develop greater awareness. Get more in touch with how you are feeling and how others around you are feeling. For example, when you sense tension in your body or in a situation, it's a signal that something is not right. Don't ignore the signal; tune into it. The more aware you can become of your own experience as it's happening, the easier you will recognize subtle shifts in your emotional or physical state and respond appropriately.

2. Live with integrity.

Another way to manifest a better version of yourself is to live with integrity. Identify what's most important to you, your purpose and values, and determine whether your current way of thinking, speaking, and acting supports them. When you are living in alignment with your values, guided by your internal moral compass, you are living in harmony. You are living with integrity.

3. Own your truth.

The next step to manifesting a better version of yourself is to own your truth. Don't hide from past mistakes or over-identify with your old self, the person you used to be. Undoubtedly, you have been shaped by your past, but it doesn't define who you are unless you let it. What defines you is how you live today, having learned and grown from those previous experiences.

4. Say 'Yes' to life.

Finally, say, "Yes" to life. Expand your opportunities by agreeing to engage more with life. Possibilities open up when you say, "Yes," and close when you say, "No." So, be brave and be bold. Don't let fear of rejection or the comfort of old habits keep you from fully participating in the world. Open up to yourself, to others, and to the world.

When you begin to develop greater awareness, live with integrity according to your values, own your truth, and say"Yes" to life, you begin to take steps toward manifesting a better version of yourself. Try just one of these practices every day, and see how you blossom.

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