A Relaxed Mind Is a Happy Mind

August 31, 2016 Arley Hoskin, CMPS

A relaxed mind enables you to create a happy mind. When you choose to relax your mind, bliss is a natural result. Relax your mind to achieve happiness.

A relaxed mind is a happy mind. It took me two months full of busyness and stress to realize that simple truth. I relaxed my mind and found it to be happy.

Stress Can Destroy Relaxation and a Happy Mind

My daughter turned two in January. I decided that the summer after her second birthday would be the perfect time to potty train her. I thought that two-and-a-half seemed like a reasonable age for a child to use the toilet (Normal Stages of Human Development [Birth to 5 Years]). I knew the process wouldn’t be relaxing but I assumed it would be fast—three days tops.

Two months later, let’s just say this was not a three day ordeal. Everyone kept saying it would click. It didn’t. The stress of it all had me on edge and our entire house felt the tension.

Choose Relaxation for a Happy Mind

A relaxed mind enables you to create a happy mind. When you choose to relax your mind, bliss is a natural result. Relax your mind to achieve happiness.Last week a coworker suggested that I just relax about the potty training. Give it a rest, he said. I knew he was right. My daughter could feel my stressful energy and it wasn’t helping anything. That night I decided to just relax. I took her to McDonald’s and we had chicken nuggets and McFlurries for dinner. I don’t even remember if she used the toilet that night. That’s how relaxed I was.

The next day when I picked her up from daycare, her teacher told me that she had went potty in the toilet three times and had no accidents. We celebrated her success and she didn’t have any accidents at home that evening, either (Raising A Psychologically Healthy Child). It’s starting to click. I don’t know if it’s because I relaxed, but I do know that choosing relaxation brought me back to a blissful life. Choosing to have a relaxed mind enabled me to have a happy mind.

Discover How to Relax

Relaxing your mind can occur through meditation, adult coloring, or a variety of other relaxation techniques. The important thing is to find out what works best for you. For me, relaxation often occurs when I shift my focus. I try to look at the joy in life instead of the obstacles. Doing so, frees up energy to allow to overcome said obstacles, which in turn helps me relax. It’s a beautiful cycle. You should give it a try.

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Author: Arley Hoskin, CMPS

Maria Sam
September, 4 2016 at 4:12 am

Hello Arley,
After read the whole article it seems to me- stress can destroy a life and relaxation bring happiness. To become happy in this cruelty world we should try to do something extraordinary for the people. What about you Arley...?

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