4 Self-Care Activities for a Snow Day

January 30, 2019 Megan Rahm


Self-care activities for a snow day can be really fun. In fact, nothing is better than a snow day -- nowhere to go, nothing in particular to do. Do I catch up on tasks around the house or go back to bed on my snow day today? My Keurig is calling. I dumped a bunch of sugar in my tea and take a seat by the window. Our street is lost in the snow. The outside world can wait. My day is free and full of possibilities. Time for a little extra self-care. Spending a day at home can be a great way to recharge. Here are four self-care activities I did during the snow day today.

4 Self-Care Activities I Did on My Snow Day

  1. I cooked some good food. I don't cook much unless you count warming up frozen chicken nuggets for my daughter on a weeknight. However, on a lazy snow day, I might attempt a new recipe or more likely revisit an old favorite from my childhood. Crockpots are easy and make the house smell amazing. It was noon and there were already five inches on the ground with much more to come. I whipped up a batch of buffalo chicken dip for my family to munch on throughout the day. It's not exactly the most healthy snack, but I think it counts as comfort food which many consider essential for a day like today.
  2. I planned and prepared for upcoming activities. I'm a planner and a list-maker. Having an unplanned day off gives me a chance to think things through and organize for projects and events in the near future. On my snow day, I worked on articles and made a list of home improvement projects. A particular event happening next week at work also definitely needs some of my mind's attention.
  3. I took time to relax. Other than checking out the news periodically, I don't watch much TV or many movies. I like the TV on for noise when I'm home, but usually, my daughter is watching Paw Patrol. On a day like today, I can find a movie to watch on Netflix and not feel guilty for relaxing on the couch.
  4. I used creative outlets. I love to write and draw but usually, when I write or draw now it's for a certain job or project. I don't really get a chance to write or draw for myself or for fun, even though I know it's important to my development as a writer and artist -- not to mention relaxing and an outlet emotionally. My husband bought me some really awesome writing and drawing exercise books, and I think they might be a fun activity for later today.

Days like this don't come around often. Living in Toledo I can expect it maybe two or three times a year. It's always a welcome surprise. When Mother Nature puts your life on hold for a day, take advantage of it for some extra self-care on a snow day.

How do you spend an unexpected day off? I'd love to read about it in the comments.

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Richard Gardner
February, 6 2019 at 10:45 am

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