When Our Eating Patterns and Eating Disorder Are Exposed

June 1, 2016 Z Zoccolante

When our eating pattern and eating disorder are exposed, there’s a connotation that something is broken, unsettled, or disordered. Disorder is a term that swims in a level of metaphorical darkness. No one wants to admit that they have a disorder.

It’s much easier to say that we have strange eating patterns, or that we exercise intensely. No matter what level our eating, body image, or exercise patterns lie, if they’re causing us stress in any part of our lives, then they’ve become a problem. So the exposure of our eating patterns and eating disorder can be a good thing.

When I was a kid, my father used to work at a photo lab that had a darkroom. To get to this darkroom there was a vertical cylinder tube with a sliding door. My brother and I would step in, turn the tube 180 degrees, and emerge in a room of pitch-black darkness. We couldn’t see our hands in front of our faces. We could only feel our way along the walls, but we didn’t dare venture too far into the abyss of darkness.

If you know anything about photography you’ll know that darkness is essential to develop photographs. If there’s any light present, the whole process could be ruined.

When Our Eating Patterns and Eating Disorder Aren't Exposed

Sometimes we may feel like we’re caught in the darkroom of our eating disorder. Our eating disorder and eating patterns aren't exposed. We can feel as though we can’t see our hands in front of our faces, as though the hopelessness and darkness consumes us, controls us, blocks our view of any future.

The interesting thing about photography is that darkness is the catalyst for the creation of a beautiful, clear photo.

No, I don’t think we should seek the darkness, but if we’re in it, there is hope if we keep moving forward in our recovery.

When Our Eating Disorder and Eating Patterns Are Exposed, It’s Worth It

For a long time our eating disorders and eating patterns aren't exposed. Find out why exposure of eating patterns and an eating disorder is a good thing.Just as the photo develops in the dark, so too can we use the dark of our eating disorder to assist us in becoming a person that is strong, brave, and has returned from our battle wearing a smile of victory.

That’s a photo worth the journey.

Keep moving forward towards your recovery. There is light outside the darkroom and when the light shines, you and others will see your recovered smile.

Watch This Video About Exposing Your Eating Patterns and Eating Disorder

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