Befriend Your Fears and Feel Empowered

November 1, 2016 Silke Morin

Fears keep us from reaching our fullest potential. Yet, if you can learn to befriend your fears, rather than giving in to them, you can feel empowered.

Many of us share some common fears: the fear of failure, the fear of uncertainty, and the fear of being judged. Regardless of the fear, or how many you have, the end result is the same.

Your fears shackle you when you allow them to hold you back. If your fears dictate your life, then you will never be your most enlightened or best self. You are stuck. But, if you can befriend your fears, you can empower yourself.

Befriend Your Fear of Failure and Feel Empowered

Fears keep us from reaching our fullest potential. Yet, if you can learn to befriend your fears you can empower yourself. Here's how.

No one likes to fail. But if you let your fear of failure keep you from trying to achieve your goals, you will never be successful, because you’ll never even try.

Befriend your fear of failure. Know that success comes from work, from effort, and from making mistakes. Just because you fail at something one time, or even 10 times, doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Choose to learn from setbacks, because they are going to happen, and keep moving forward on the path to achieving your goals.

Befriend Your Fear of Uncertainty to Feel Empowered

We all like to feel comfortable. Being safe and secure feels good and we get attached to this feeling. But, if you always stay in your comfort zone, doing what you already know, then how will you ever challenge yourself and grow?

Befriend your fear of uncertainty. Accept that life is full of unknowns. It is unpredictable, yet you have to keep living, doing, and thriving in spite of the uncertainty. Be prepared to take some risks even though you don’t know for certain how things will work out.

Befriend Your Fear of Being Judged and Feel Empowered

Often we aren’t our true selves because we’re afraid people won’t like us if they see us as we really are. Perhaps they’ll peg us as emotional, whiny, stupid, or some other negative qualifier.

Befriend your fear of being judged to feel empowered. Stop confining yourself to someone else’s idea of how you should be and be brave enough to allow yourself to be whoever it is you are or want to be. Live the life you were meant to live.

Feel Empowered by Befriending Your Fears

I challenge you, today, to befriend your fears. Do something even though you might fail. Do something that doesn’t feel entirely within your comfort zone. Be who you were meant to be instead of who you think others want you to be.

You have one life to live, so start living it as fully as you can. Befriend your fears and feel empowered.

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Author: Silke Morin

Silke Morin is a scientist, educator, and writer in Austin, Texas. Striving to live a contemplative life, marked by kindness, compassion, and joy, Silke is the author of Find Silke on Twitter, Google+, and Twitter.

November, 1 2016 at 10:45 pm

You have to befriend every fear and anxiety and paranoia. If not, they control you. I am tired of being controlled by all those variables. Time to live.

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

November, 2 2016 at 6:27 am

I agree. It is about not fighting and resisting, which are futile and just seem to bring up more anxiety and angst. It's about accepting and getting comfortable with what is uncomfortable.

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