Age Regression in Dissociative Identity Disorder

November 30, 2017 Crystalie Matulewicz

Age regression is a common occurrence in mental illness, especially DID. What does it feel like to regress in age? What can you do to cope with it? Learn here.

Age regression occurs in dissociative identity disorder (DID) particularly, but also in other mental illnesses such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depressive disorder. While many people with DID have young or child alters, called littles, age regression is something different. So what is age regression, and how do you cope with it?

What Is Age Regression and Who Experiences It?

Age regression, in its simplest definition, is when a person regresses, or goes backward, in age. Age regression can occur spontaneously, or as is more often the case, because of a trigger. While not inherently harmful, regressing can be dangerous if the person is not in a safe place.

Age regression is common in people who have experienced trauma, especially abuse in childhood. There is no limit to how much a person can regress. People may or may not be aware they are regressing.

Age Regression in Dissociative Identity Disorder

Because people with DID have a history of childhood trauma, they are more susceptible to age regression. When people with DID age regress, it's not always a full dissociation or switch to another alter. They may feel like themselves, but yet not feel the right age. They may talk in a more childlike voice and have childlike mannerisms. Sometimes they are aware of these changes, but they don't feel like they have control of them. Other times, they are fully dissociated and not aware that they have regressed. They may look in a mirror and not see themselves.

It is also possible to age regress while experiencing a flashback. These instances are especially difficult because it can lead to reliving the trauma, which can increase suffering and keep the person stuck in a dissociative state.

Tips For Managing Age Regression in DID

While it's not possible to prevent age regression entirely, there are ways to manage and cope when it does happen.

Safety scripts are useful for those who experience age regression and flashbacks frequently. What the safety script says is up to the person and his or her needs, but including "My name is . . ." "I am [however many] years old." and "I am safe." are good statements to include. Keep the safety script in an easily accessible place, like a wallet, bag, or desk drawer, so you can read it when you feel yourself regressing.

Another way of coping with age regression is age progression. Try to determine what age you feel like you are. It's okay if you don't know the exact age -- take an educated guess. Then, work your way up slowly. If you feel like you are 10 years old, acknowledge that age and then slowly increase it at a pace that is comfortable for you, until you get to your actual age. Remind yourself that you are safe.

The best defense is to notice the warning signs. How do you feel before you experience age regression? What are the changes in your body? How does your mind feel? When you start to notice the signs, you can begin working on a plan to keep you as safe as possible when it does happen.

Lastly, don't be afraid to utilize your support systems. Let them know the signs of your experience with age regression. Tell them how they can help you get back to the present moment.

When you have DID, you won't always feel your age. But there is a way to get back to being yourself.

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Author: Crystalie Matulewicz

Crystalie is the founder of PAFPAC, is a published author and the writer of Life Without Hurt. She has a BA in psychology and will soon have an MS in Experimental Psychology, with a focus on trauma. Crystalie manages life with PTSD, DID, major depression, and an eating disorder. You can find Crystalie on FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter.

July, 13 2023 at 9:56 am

I am 18 and babysit for a family with a 14 year old daughter who is bedwetting from puberty.I have to put cloth diapers and rubberpants on her at bedtime.

Bonnie R.
October, 2 2021 at 8:31 am

Our daughter is 14 and approaching the end of her puberty.When she first started puberty before age 12,she started bedwetting because of it.Since then,she has been wearing a thick cloth diaper and adult size rubberpants to bed every night.She has been fine with the cloth diaper and rubberpants and has even worn them under her Easter and christmas dresses and for a couple of special occasions.Her bedwetting is now becomming less frequent,only about two to three or four times a week now.I still put the diaper and rubberpants on her every night.She told me the other night that after her bedwetting ends,that she still wants to wear the diaper and rubberpants to bed occassionally as she is used to them and feels secure in them.It took me by surprise! Should i let her keep on wearing them every so often when she wants to?

Courtney Holstad
February, 18 2021 at 7:29 am

When i made my First Holy Communion at age 12,i was put into a cloth diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt when i was dressed in my communion outfit.My parents told me it was for two reasons,one,in case i got nervous and had an accident,and two,to make me feel pure and innocent like the 7 year old little girls in my class! My communion dress was to the top of my knees and i wore the lace anklets and white mary jane shoes. I did feel like a little girl with the diaper and plastic pants on under my dress,but was paranoid the whole time that something would happen and people would see them.Then,two years later when i was 14,i was one of two flowergirls in my aunts wedding,and my parents had me wear the diaper and plastic pants under my flowergirl dress.The other girl was 6 years old and she had a pampers,size 7 diaper on under her dress.Our dresses were almost midthigh length and it was hard to concentrate on being a flowergirl with only a few inches of my dress covering the diaper and plastic pants!

Sarah Desimone
June, 9 2021 at 6:11 am

i have been to several weddings over the last 10 years or so and have seen both younger and older flowergirls with diapers and plastic pants on under their poofy dresses and i thought they all looked cute!Most of the younger girls i saw had a pampers with the plastic pants over it,and most of the older girls wore the cloth diaper and plastic pants.

Clarice A.
September, 3 2021 at 8:40 am

To Courtney Holstad-You were dressed properly for your First Holy Communion! Your parents did the proper thing by putting you into the diaper,plastic pants and tee shirt under your communion dress! I am a catholic girl,and at my parish the cloth diaper,"rubberpants" and tee shirt is the normal underwear worn under the communion dresses by all of the girls.I made my First Holy Communion at 15 and my diaper was 10 plies thick and pinned on me with pink diaper pins.My rubberpants were adult size and fit me blousy and crinkled under my dress when i walked.My tee shirt was tucked into the waist of the rubberpants.They made me feel pure and innocent like the little girls in my class.Like you,the girls are expected to wear their diaper and rubberpants and tee shirt for other special occasions such as weddings,etc. I wore mine under my white confirmation dress a year later at 16.

Hannah Kolter
October, 31 2021 at 8:43 am

I also made my First Holy Communion at 15 in the class with the 7 year olds. I was dressed like the little girls in a poofy,short sleeve knee length communion dress and veil with the lace socks and white mary jane shoes.I was put into a cloth diaper and adult size rubberpants when i was dressed with a tee shirt as my top.Everything went smoothly untill towards the end of my party.My boyfriend,who was 16,came and brought me a card,and we hung out for a while.He saw the cloth diaper and rubberpants under my dress and asked me why i was wearing them and i told him my parents made me wear them to be like the little girls in my class. Later on that week,he broke up with me because he felt i was like a baby!

Sarah Desimone
March, 19 2023 at 7:48 am

When i was 17,i got hired by a dad whose 14 year old daughter was making her First Holy Communion. and had to dress her.The mom had an operation and was in the hospital,so she couldnt be there.Their parish required the full First Communion outfit for the girls,so i had to put a cloth diaper and rubberpants on her with a tee shirt as her top,then her communion dress and veil with the lace socks and white shoes.She looked cute in her outfit! I went to the mass with her and her dad and there were 4 other teen girls,ages 15 and 16 in the class and they looked cute also!The one 15 year old girl had ruffled rubberpants on over her cloth diaper as she showed them to the other girls before the ceremony.

Chrissy M.
May, 4 2023 at 7:11 am

I am 15 and will be making my First Holy Communion this comming sunday,May 7,in the class of 2023 with the 2nd graders.My communion dress is short sleeve and poofy,that comes to the top of my knees.I am going to wear lace anklets and white maryjane shoes with my dress and veil.My cloth diaper and rubberpants mom got from Babypants .com and my white tee shirt from Target.

Haille Lien
May, 26 2023 at 7:15 am

To Chrissy M.-I am 15 and just made my First Holy Communion this past sunday,May 21st,2023 in the class of 7 year olds. I was dressed as a little girl also in a short sleeve,poofy,knee length communion dress and veil with gloves,lace anklets and white patent leather shoes.After my bath,i laid naked on my bed and mom baby powdered me then pinned a 10 ply thick cloth diaper on me,then put white,crinkly,adult size rubberpants on me over the diaper,followed by a plain white tee shirt and tucked it into the waist of the rubberpants.I put the lace anklets and shoes on next,then my dress and veil were put on me next.I felt very pure and little girlish in my outfit and when mom brought me out to show dad,the rubberpants crinkled under my dress!! At the parish before the ceremony,several of my friends remarked how cute i looked as a 'little girl' and they lifted up my dress and checked out my diaper and rubberpants. Even some teen boys saw the diaper and rubberpants under my dress and told me i looked cute!At my party,my dress was also lifted up and every saw the diaper and rubberpants! I felt very little girlish!

Sandy G.
June, 10 2023 at 7:49 am

To Courtney Holstad-As a catholic mom i can tell you that it is fairly common for catholic girls to wear their First Holy Communion cloth diaper and rubberpants under dresses for other special occasions like weddings,father-daughter dances,purity balls and even holidays,such as Easter and Christmas.I have been to several catholic weddings over the last few years and have seen both younger and older flowergirls and some junior bridesmaids with their First Communion cloth diaper and rubberpants on under their dresses.

December, 10 2023 at 10:19 am

Me and my twin brother made our First Holy Communions at age 12.Bro wore a suit and ty and i wore my poofy,knee length communion dress and veil with the cloth diaper and rubberpants on under it.Mom put the diaper and rubberpants in my drawer and she had me wear them for easter,christmas and special occasions up untill i was 15.

Jannelle T.
December, 23 2023 at 7:03 am

To LeeAnn-I am 16 and two years ago when i was 14,i made my First Holy Communion with the class of 2nd graders.After my bath that sunday morning,my parents pinned a cloth diaper on me,then put white crinkly,adult size rubberpants on over it with a tee shirt as my top.Then i was put into a poufy,short sleeve ,knee length communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white maryjane shoes.I was just like the little girls in my class! Later that summer,i was in a wedding as a junior bridesmaid and mom and dad required me to wear the diaper and rubberpants under my dress.Then i had to wear them for christmas and the next Easter sunday under my Easter dress.Even now that i am 16,i still am required to wear them for easter and christmas.

Margo C.
March, 12 2024 at 6:20 am

We are baptizing our 14 year old daughter and 12 year old son at Easter vigil on March 30th.The son is going to wear a suit and ty and the daughter is going to wear the white,poofy,sleeveless,knee length baptism dress with the matching bonnet,lace anklets and white patent leather shoes.Under her dress she is going to wear a white camisole with the white cloth baptism diaper with ruffled rubberpants over it.All of the girls being baptized will have the same outfits as the daughter,.She is going to wear the diaper and ruffled again under her Easter dress on easter sunday again as a newly baptized 'babygirl'.I am so looking forward to dressing her in the outfit and having her like a baby girl for her baptism!

September, 1 2020 at 7:30 am

having several traumas my love cartoons toys my room is in winnie the pooh design i have an adult size tricycle and hobbie horse feel safer as a toddler

June, 13 2020 at 12:11 am

I have a problem.I regress under stress and at night time.My marriage failed also because I regressed around an unsafe person.I now don't trust anyone.I miss being held.Being safe.I have regressed and it doesn't always feel like I have control over this.It scares me very much.I was told by my doctor that I have a dissociative disorder of some sort.But I feel deeply ashamed and very scared for myself.E.What if it happens again.How do I protect myself.

Calamity Jane
May, 21 2021 at 7:53 am

Your marriage failed because your husband didn’t deserve you. Don’t be ashamed to be yourself, be ashamed of the people who pretend they’re doing just fine but are suffering in silence because their pride won’t let them seek help.

Amber T.
July, 17 2023 at 6:44 am

To Lizzy-I am somewhat like you.I was a puberty bedwetter from age s 12 to just past 15 and every night before bedtime would pin a thick cloth diaper on me then put the rubberpants on over it,then my nighgown or pjs were put on and i would get into bed.I would lay there feeling safe and secure and like a baby.I would even suck my thumb sometimes as i fell asleep!There were times when i actually looked forward to bedtime and mom putting the diaper and rubberpants on me and then regressing somewhat.As i got older and became more involved with school,church and my friends,my stress level went up and at bedtime with my diaper and rubberpants on,i regressed even more!When i was 14,i recieved my Sacrement of 8th grade confirmation and had to wear a white dress and veil for it.Mom put one of my cloth diapers and rubberpants on me under the dress and i actually liked wearing them!The next year,about three months after i turned 15,my bedwetting ended and i told mom that i was used to wearing the diaper and rubberpants to bed and that i wanted to keep on wearing them,not telling her that i regressed after i was in bed.So i continued on wearing them to bed at night and regressing to a baby.I wore the diapers and rubberpants all thru 15,16,17 and 18 and the guy i was going with knew that i wore them and liked having me as somewhat of a baby.I am 24 now and married and my husband fully understands my need to wear my diaper and rubberpants and regress every so often.

June, 26 2019 at 3:51 pm

Ok what do you do it’s the dominant regressing to the age he was abused and the only way to keep little davie sober is to have his submissive spank him I’m worried for him we are in the ddlg too he’s talking about giving me a training collar I want it I love the child in him but sometimes his little submissive needs her daddy and daddy is regressed

May, 5 2019 at 8:35 pm

In my case I don't have DID, but do live with CPTSD due to on going trauma as a kid. I have found personal utilizing regressive behaviors such as going the whole weekend around the house in a tee shirt and diaper much like a 3 year old. In a way to both embody and comfort my younger self as a method of therapy. I think more needs to explored on this. Cause technically it's good to Pampers yourself.

February, 20 2019 at 1:49 pm

does age regression ever stop?

April, 11 2020 at 9:01 am

Age regression episodes stop but I don't think it does as a whole. I'm not completely sure though. That's a really good question

November, 12 2021 at 7:33 am

I am sure that overcoming the traumas that cause age regression, DID, or c/PTSD will help a lot. Working through the trauma to understand and move on, and cope now would probably lessen the frequency, severity or change the type of regression to become healthier or less problematic for you. It depends on your situation but it definitely can improve a lot I think, so would all other trauma related symptoms over time when the trauma is faced properly with professional support.

Robert Westover
January, 27 2019 at 1:09 pm

Both I and my wife had very traumatic child hoods. I tend to be the in most part. When she gets home from work she instantly regresses which I'm glad she has found a safe spot. I myself when I get to stressed also regress at those moments when I know we're both stressed.. we have a safe zone for both of us. The first thing we do is call my sister in law... she likes babysitting us anyways... from there we just interact with each other in our purest form. Just remember you never know how a person feels till you've lived there life. Be yourself that's all that you can do.

January, 27 2019 at 10:14 am

So, I am an age regressor. It started a couple years ago when I needed a way to cope with sexual abuse I went through as a child. Often times when I regress and never realize it until my friend points it out. Half the time I don't remember what happens when I regress, I know I regressed because ill ask my friend about it in the morning, and if I do its splotchy memories. I was doing research on DID when I thought to myself, "Could I be experiencing this?" Honestly, I just want to know if it's a possibility I am going through this and if so, how to I go about treating it.

January, 2 2019 at 4:49 am

I'm sorta sure I have this, but I'm REALLY scared to get tested for it because I've already been tested a few other things and the psychologist confirmed I have most of them. I can definitely see myself regressing (still learning my triggers for this and my trichotillomania) then slowly coming back, but I guess I just don't want it confirmed but at the same time, I just want to know to make sure I'm not a Freak or something.

December, 28 2018 at 7:48 pm

Hi, in the case of age regression with DID, what work accomodations can be utilized to help support an independent lifestyle? Thanks

December, 5 2018 at 2:29 pm

Hi. I do not have DID, but this is one of the few sites that gives a helpful explanation of age regression, which I think I may be dealing with.
When I was younger, I was met with quite a handful of traumatic experiences, and I realized at some point that my family can't provide the comfort I need to feel safe. My mother is emotionally abusive, and my dad abused my sister when I was young and then shut me out of his life. At about age 12, I would wrap my baby blanket around my arm (a blanket I've slept with since I was a baby and still sleep with), and I'd sit on the floor and cry and rock myself. Before/during this time, I would talk to myself as if I had an imaginary friend, which I've been doing as a coping mechanism since I was 5. So that's that. Let me explain some more recent events.
Lately, I can't seem to take care of any responsibilities that I have. I'll stare at the screen (at work I need to do) and suck on my fingers. I also dissociate a lot and nothing ever really gets done throughout the day. I need to clean, do work, etc, but those things give me anxiety so I just suck on my fingers instead. When I was a child, I slept on the floor a lot, and a year ago I began doing this again. I have slept on the floor every single night for a year. It's where I feel safe/like a kid again. I'm also a really quiet person and often mute throughout the day, for reasons I don't fully understand. It feels as if I CAN'T speak, like my mouth is wired shut. And there's something else... I like wearing diapers, and I wish I could have pacifiers and bottles. It's not a kink thing. It's just something I'm drawn to. I don't have those things, but I've used baby diapers a few times and this provided a sense of security. It's hard to explain...
The bottom line, I sometimes get the sense that I'm regressing to a much younger age. This became apparent after the conception of my baby sister (last year). That's when I made the choice to sleep on the floor and when I started sucking on my fingers for comfort. Is it possible that I've been regressing back to infancy? I'm 18 years old and I don't wish to act like this...

Carrie Grehoski
February, 12 2020 at 9:03 pm

Hi I'm like that too I know what your going through, my name is Carrie Grehoski if you want you can message back it's nice to know I'm not alone in this

November, 18 2018 at 10:58 pm

Is it possible for this to be consider as parts? I have been diagnose with DID, however I have been told that I do not switch into a different person just different ages and that I have several different ages, They all hold their own memories and act different but only in like maturity and the things that they like and how they feel. I have been told this all by my therapist who has talked to my so called part countless of times. I never remember switching to these parts or acting like them or abything to do with them. I will just black out and then come back. I have how ever seen note that i have writen and the hand writing will look different and the spelling will be messed up depending on what age had wrote it. There is this huge part of me that wants to prove to my therapist and mostly to myself that I do not have this and that there has to be some other reasoning for all of this happening, I do have a very long history of all kinds of abuse and this is why I have been told that my brain developed this. I have heard of people switching to other people with different names and they act completely different in every way possible, and as I have been told that I do in ways act different, its just hard for other people to notice. There have been times that people have told me that i seem younger as well. I guess what I am wondering is that is it possible for this age regression to be the main cause of switching and does this on a more serve level be consider as parts as I have been told that I have?

July, 19 2019 at 9:08 am

I would suggest asking your psychologist about/looking into OSDD-1a (Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder), because this is what it sounds like. I'm in no way qualified to say that is what it is for sure, this is merely a suggestion.

November, 16 2018 at 9:30 am

Being an Age Regressing teen is very difficult for me, most view it as a "kink" but it is far more than something so juvenile and its not just a "phase" as my grandmother seems to think, i've always been like this, but you've always been to destracted to notice. My caretaker is the only one who seems to get the serverity of this disorder. I am open about it however and i wish that other people would grow to respect it.

November, 18 2018 at 11:03 pm

do you remember things when you seem younger? I have been diagonsesd with DID and have been told that my parts arent other people but different ages of myself and that I switch to them. Its just that I never remember switching. I do find letters that I have writen in younger hand writing and things that I have gotten from the store that I would have of never of gotten like stuffed animals and toys and kid stuff and some stuff that a teenage girl would like. Apperently I have about 7 different ages that I switch into.

Libby Lou
May, 15 2019 at 1:08 am

I don't think it's a kink either. I think that the only thing that makes it 'seem' like a kink is that the only way to make connections with others with similar feelings is to go to kink sites that accommodate age regression. I am a chronic age regressor and have made contact with a few people and most of us have the same's a coping mechanism to deal with our traumatic past. I've done alcohol abuse, ,eating disorders, self harm, all of which I am recovered from, but age regression works well for me and even my support teams are seeing an overwhelming change in my state of mind, mosyt of which has been very positive.

Brittney G.
December, 30 2020 at 8:11 am

To Mystic-I am a girl,17.When i started puberty before 13,i started bedwetting because of it! My parents got me cloth diapers,diaper pins and rubberpants[plasticpants]to wear to bed every night to keep my bed dry.A half hour before bed time,i would lay naked on my bed and mom would slide the cloth diapers under me,apply the baby lotion and babypowder,then pin the diapers on me.I would then raise up my legs and she would pull the adult size rubberpants up my legs and over the diapers and adjust them.I got to feeling like a baby laying there while she was diapering me,and after i was in bed,i would suck my thumb and feel like a baby!Since mom had bought my rubberpants in pastels and babyprints,i felt even more like a baby when she would put the babyprint one on me over my diapers.For Easter when i was 13,mom had me wear the diapers and rubberpants under my cute easter dress for the day and i loved the feeling!For christmas,she did the samething on christmas day under my holiday dresses.As time went on,i became more like a baby and then started using a pacifier after i was in bed before 15!My bedwetting ended just before i turned 16,and i told mom i wanted to continue on wearing the diapers and rubberpants and she said ok! Now at 17,i wear my diapers and rubberpants to bed and around the house mostly,and for easter and christmas.I use my pacifierfrequently and relieve stress in my life as a baby!

Patricia L.
April, 8 2023 at 8:30 am

I attended a friends wedding last saturday and the flowergirl looked to be around 12 or 13.She was wearing a sleeveless,poofy,top of the knees,white dress with a headwreath with ribbons down the back,lace anklets and white shoes.She looked quite cute in her outfit! After the ceremony,i went to the womens room and after i finished my business and was redoing my make up,the flowergirl and her mom came in.The mom put the diaper changing table down and her daughter got on it and laid on her back.I was watching as the mom brought the dress up and saw the girl had a cloth diaper and ruffled plastic pants on.The mom pulled the rubberpants down past the knees,then unpinned the cloth diaper and removed it.I asked the mom if she did the diaper and rubberpants on her daughter in case she had an accident and she said no,that she always diapers her daughter for special occasions and holidays.The mom then sprinkled babypowder on her daughter and then pulled the ruffled rubberpants back up and they left.

June, 9 2022 at 8:56 am

I can just about understand what's being said here.
i am nearly always part-regressed. My wife told me she was fed up with the changes happening so she's put me in nappies and plastic pants all the time now and looks after me. i feel very little.

France Leandre
August, 27 2018 at 1:56 pm

Do you have any references that you can share?

July, 11 2018 at 12:54 pm

So now I get that I am actually age regressing because if I am littles then it's a alter right? Like another me? I'm now trying to explore this world by myself because like this year I just knew it and some months ago I broke up with my bf while the only one who knows and tends to my need was him. Any suggestion for me to cope with this alone bcs like I've been suppressing it all these months and it's kinda sad though sometimes I want to let it out.

June, 25 2018 at 12:01 am

Hey I've recently gotten into a relationship with a guy that age regresses into a 3 year old.without sounding rude or inconsiderate,how can I help him get over this or through it so that he doesn't regress? I'm trying to be supportive and help him get past it so that it doesn't rule his life.

Michael Willis
June, 26 2018 at 5:48 am

In my honest opinion I myself think that it's not a good idea to help someone get past something if it's our problem as their partner I'm not their problem as an individual because a lot of age regressors do it because it's their safe place it's the last place of peace and innocence I myself and married to an amazing woman that has disassociative identity disorder she has 9 personalities and unless they cause her a problem or they're dangerous to her then I would never dream of changing her or her Alters her mind's created them for a purpose and one of them is 3 years old 1 is 11 and the rest are adult age and no matter which one they're in at any given time it's taking me a little while to get all the personalities confident and comfortable enough 2 conversate with me and confide in me but now that I have her trust in every form I found it that's the best way that I can help because she comes to me for comfort safety and advise because I'm understanding and not attempting to change her or her safe place no matter how frustrating or irritating one of the personalities can be it's an issue that she deals with daily so if you think it annoys and bothers you imagine what it's like for them every single day to never know who you're going to be next I know when it's going to change at any given moment and the greatest thing that I've ever done as build her confidence up to where she loves herself it would be cruel for me to take away the love for herself Supercross some things about one of her personalities wasn't fitting for me or bothered me if that was the case I'd say I didn't really love her so honestly the best I can explain to you from my own personal experience is don't help him change it or get over it helping embrace it and show him that there is absolutely nothing wrong with his alter if that's where he feels safe or comfortable then show him that you support him so that he feels that he has someone besides himself I need doesn't feel alone like I said this is all subjective and my opinion but I can tell you that I saved an amazing woman's life and she went from trying to kill herself daily coming out of a bad marriage 2 actually coming off of it medications now and smiles and laughs everyday and will tell anybody that for the first time in her life she's happy and feels free and loves who she is and that is the greatest feeling in the world to me to know that I was able to give that to her simply by showing her that it's okay to be herself no matter how young or irritable or whatever it is that it does just let him be there self you'd be amazed how much just showing them support for that will do I hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to email me me and her both enjoy reaching out to people that have issues or are dealing with similar life experience life and let people know that there is hope Eid isn't something that you have to give up because of you can live happy with it

February, 11 2019 at 1:42 am

So very well put articulated and a lot of thought went into your post here Michael.
I've been diagnosed with did age regression I regress to 14 years old and it's been going on most of my adult life but just recently finally got it diagnosed and it clear and so many things up for my wife and I on so many levels. As long as the age regressor isn't putting an undue over the top experience constantly on the other in the relationship it's already hard enough to contemplate an actual LTR with that knowing it going into the relationship
I don't know I think it could be a real deal breaker for most once they really get an idea of what it can entail for the extremes.
for myself it doesn't work that way, it's I'm able to know when I'm there it's the most odd feeling it's it's hard to function it's hard to maintain a train of thought of anything because I'm just so hyper-focused on the staying in contact with the {{me}} that is not regressed/ but 14 years of age isn't bad at all it's certainly a lot better than two or three oh my goodness I couldn't imagine that

June, 11 2018 at 7:58 pm

I myself am an age regressor, and can easily say there is nothing wrong with being one. im not trying to sound rude when I say this, but hear me out. when regressing, its ones safe place, and or safe state of mind, and there is nothing wrong with it. you shouldn't feel wrong for it, because its actually quite common. also, age regression is also not 100% of the time linked to DID, but is more commonly linked to childhood trauma, like you said. but, its better to let yourself regress rather than attempting to force yourself out if it. you can't really sit here and write and article about something unless you've experienced it first hand whether that be yourself or someone you know regressing.

June, 2 2018 at 10:43 pm

Hey my name is Haley. I have moments when I feel like I’m two years old. I don’t really want to talk and all I want is to be held. Then it’s frustraiting because I don’t have any one to do that. When I’m angry I feel like an impulsive ten year old...but after I throw my fit I get sad and feel like I’m 2 again. Could I have DID?

clarice A.
September, 27 2019 at 7:56 am

To Haley- I am a girl in my late teens.I was never baptized as a baby,so when i was 14,my parents finially had me baptized at Easter vigil on Easter sunday with all the other preteens and teens.All of us girls had to wear the required white,poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees baptism dress and bonnet,with a tee shirt,cloth diapers,plastic pants under our dresses and lace anklets and white 'mary jane'shoes.My mom and gramma dressed me in the outfit and i felt like a little toddler girl!I liked the feeling of being like a baby or toddler and everyone thought i looked very cute! Later that summer,i was in a wedding as the senior flowergirl and i told mom i wanted to wear my baptism diaper and plastic pants under my flowergirl dress,so she put them on me.The next May when i was 15,i made my First Holy Communion with the other kids and us girls had to wear our baptism diaper,plastic pants and tee shirt under our communion dresses.Again,i felt like a toddler and loved the feeling!After my party was over,i got up on my dads lap and he cuddled me and i felt so happy and content! I started wearing the diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt more often after that and even to bed at night sometimes and before i would get into bed ,dad would cuddle me.I am now 18.going on 19 and still like wearing my diaper and plastic pants and feeling like a baby and being cuddled.

March, 15 2020 at 8:06 am

I finially made my First Holy Communion at age 15 with the class of 2nd graders! My parents,along with my gramma and aunt bought my communion outfit and told me i would be dressed as a little girl! They got me a short sleeve,quite poofy,top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white 'mary jane' shoes.They then got me a white tee shirt to waer as my top under my dress and then a cloth diaper was made for me from sewing a package of baby diapers together to make the one diaper.They got a pair of white adult size plastic pants to go over the diaper which fit me loose and crinkled! The morning of the ceremony,i was put into the outfit and joined my class.I felt somewhat weird being 15 and dressed like the little girls.The plastic pants over my diaper crinkled the whole time when i walked and mom and gramma and aunt thought it was so cute!My boyfriend,Justin,who was 16,came to my party and was blown away by the fact that i was like a 'little girl'! After my party we were alone and started kissing and after a few minutes he put his hand under my communion dress and felt my diaper and plastic pants and became very aroused!Sadly to say,he got my communion dress off of me and got me to my knees and made me give him oral sex!

James O.
September, 9 2020 at 9:22 am

To Hannah and Clarice-Both of you were dressed correctly for your First Holy Communions! At my parish,the girls are required to wear the cloth diaper and plastic pants and white tee shirt under their poofy white dresses for baptisms,First Holy Communion and Confirmation! They are especially required for the teen girls since they are the ones who become sexually active and the cloth diapers and plastic pants and tee shirt send them a message that purity and innocence is perfectly acceptable before marriage!

Libby and Lacey P.
October, 26 2020 at 8:27 am

This is a true story and actually happened to me and my twin sister! We grew up in a medium size town in central Illinois.When sis and i were 15 our parents decided to join the local catholic parish in town.We were told that sis and i would have to recieve our first sacrement of baptism upon joining,then make our First Holy Communion a year later.The Baptism director told us and our parents that our baptisms would be done during sunday mass.Me and sis and our parents were then handed a sheet of paper listing our required all white baptism outfit.The Baptism director went over the list with us and sis and i were shocked to see what we had to wear! The required outfit was a white,knee length,short sleeve baptism gown with a matching bonnet,white tee shirt,cloth diaper,rubberpants [plasticpants],white tights and white mary jane style shoes!She told us that since we were new,that we had to be like babies joining gods family.Sis and i were quite upset! Our parents ordered identical gowns and bonnets for us and two pair of white,adult size rubberpants.We had to get the tee shirts,diapers and the tights and shoes!Our baptisms were set for three weeks later. With in the next two weeks,we got the tee shirts,high waist tights,two packages of the 24x27 inch cloth diapers and diaper pins and the white mary jane style shoes.Mom sewed the 10 cloth diapers in each package together to make one diaper for each of us.The next week,our gowns,bonnets and the rubberpants came in and we went to the parish and picked them up.The gowns were just like infant gowns only in tee size as were our bonnets and the rubberpants were just like babypants only in adult size!The weekend of our baptisms,mom took sis and i to get our hair and nails done,then we got ready for our party sunday after noon.Sunday morning,we went to the bridal dressing room where mom pinned the diaper on sis and i,then we put on the rubberpants,tights and tee shirt,then our gowns and last our bonnets.We both felt like over grown babies! Mom and dad took sis and i to the Baptism directors office to get checked out.We were then baptized as babies during mass and it was somewhat embarrassing!

Sandy G.
July, 20 2023 at 7:03 am

You two girls were dressed properly for your baptisms! Many parishes do baptisms at Easter vigil and it is a tradition for the girls being baptized to be dressed as babies to show that they are pure and innocent and worthy of entering gods kingdom.When we baptized our daughter at 16 at Easter vigil,we dressed her as a regular baby in a white,just below the knees,short sleeve baptism gown with the matching bonnet,lace socks and white booties.Under her gown,she wore a cloth diaper with babyprint rubberpants over it and a tee shirt as her top.

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