Compulsive Thinking

~ An insight into OCD ~ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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hp-anxiety-art-95-healthyplaceWhat kind of people get OCD? Are they weak, mentally unstable, weird?

  • It's my personal opinion that the kind of people who seem to suffer with OCD are very often caring, sensitive, intelligent, creative, and imaginative. Very often perfectionists, analytical and deep thinking types of people suffer from OCD. And maybe that's part of the problem, maybe OCDers think TOO much. Our heads are usually so full of stuff, constantly wondering, analyzing and thinking, looking for reasons to things, wanting to do things well and properly that something has to give! And BANG goes our wiring!
  • I remember as a child being very aware of things going on in the world, noticing things that friends wouldn't - maybe picking up on something I'd see on TV and then spending time thinking about it when others had long forgotten it. If I was doing a school project on a subject that really interested me, I'd need to work on it constantly, getting it just right, making sure it was neat and accurate.
  • As an adult, I find my mind has to be thinking all the time. It's always full and never seems to rest. Of course, for years it's been full of OCD stuff, worrying and controlling all my thoughts.
  • But at the moment, I'm trying my hardest to fill it with more productive stuff. I feel that if I can shove and force the OCD to one side and then push other things in it's place, then maybe, just maybe, the OCD will become minimized, strangled, and suffocated by all the other more interesting subjects.
  • I try and keep busy by drawing, writing, researching other topics, and the OCD that I DO allow in, like this Web Site, I try to make POSITIVE OCD stuff rather than NEGATIVE - stuff that might actually help other people. Negative OCD is NOT welcome in my head anymore. It's had it's way for years and years, taking over valuable brain space, but now I'm mounting a TAKEOVER bid and seizing back some control.
  • I read somewhere that someone said of OCD, "at least it's not a killer!" Well in a way that's wrong because OCD does kill. It kills potential, and it does it slowly and painfully without mercy. It dominates the space in our brain that creative, imaginative and enterprising stuff should fill. It leaves hardly any room for potential.
  • And if you don't fight back, it can win! OCD is a lifelong fight for CONTROL.

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