3 Ways to Reduce Chronic Fear

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Has chronic fear got you in its grip? Day after day, your fears continue to grow. Get 3 ways to reduce chronic fear that you can implement today on HealthyPlace.

3 Ways to Reduce Chronic Fear

We seem to be living in a culture of chronic fear, and it’s damaging our mental health. Day after day, we watch reports of tragedy, trauma, and violence. Day after day, our fears grow.

As a society, we’re experiencing chronic fear. Long-term fear can be paralyzing and can lead to avoidance and withdrawal. It can also contribute to anxiety disorders, depression, and trauma- and stressor-related disorders. We’ve begun living in fearful anticipation of the “next terrible tragedy,” and in our hypervigilance we miss the good that is happening as well as the experience of safety and connection.

These three mental health tools can help you reduce chronic fear; even the strongest feeling of fear:

  1. Connect more. Nurturing all sorts of relationships cultivates positive feelings and connections. This is a powerful antidote to living in fear and isolation.
  2. Reality test. When you notice your fearful thoughts and emotions running wild, stop and consider them. How likely are they to come true?
  3. Join, or start, a support group. This is a great way to connect, and it’s a positive way to help yourself and others through your fears. You just might become an action-oriented group, too, doing things about your fears. (List of self-help support groups)

Finally, remind yourself that social media and traditional media don’t always represent balanced reality. Reducing your screen time can also reduce your fear.

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