Can You Diagnose Yourself with a Mental Illness?

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Can you really diagnose yourself with a mental illness?  Find out on HealthyPlace.

Can You Diagnose Yourself with a Mental Illness?

Is it wise to try to diagnose yourself with a mental illness?

When you know that something isn’t right with how you’re experiencing life, you just might do what so many others do: identify your mental illness symptoms and try to pinpoint what’s causing them. Searching for information about what you’re experiencing is very empowering and can equip you with tools you need to start healing, but without an official mental illness diagnosis, you might not receive the treatment you need.

The ability to know your symptoms and learn more about them is a strength that will help you overcome your mental health challenges. However, mental illness is difficult to diagnose, so for safety and accuracy, it’s wise to take all of the information you’re gathering about the illness and yourself and share it with a mental health professional or medical doctor.

It’s okay to strike a balance between going at your diagnosis alone and putting your fate entirely in someone’s hands. Go ahead and read information and personal accounts, take online psychological tests and self-assessments, and use all of this information to communicate with your doctor or mental health professional. Being well-informed will help you arrive at an accurate diagnosis so you can treat it the right way.

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