Mental Illness and The Importance of Stability

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For people with a serious mental illness, like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, stability comes with having a routine. When the routine is broken, many times it can lead to a relapse of symptoms.

Mental Illness and The Importance of Stability

For people with a serious mental illness, like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, stability comes with having a routine. When the routine is broken, many times it can lead to a relapse of symptoms.

Such was the case this weekend with Randye Kaye's son, Ben. Randye writes the HealthyPlace blog "Mental Illness in the Family." In her recent post, she discusses the sudden upheaval in Ben's life which landed him back in the psychiatric hospital for the first time since 2005. Many people are commenting and I hope you'll join the conversation.

So what can you do to help maintain stability? Good regular sleep patterns and eating healthy scheduled meals will go a long way. If you take medication, take it at the times prescribed by your doctor. And mental health professionals recommended staying away from alcohol and drugs. Finally, don't make hasty life changing decisions like suddenly quitting your job, moving away from family or friends, or buying something you always wanted but can't afford.

It's tough enough managing a serious mental illness. There's no need to add a lot of stress into the mix.


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