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But You Can Still Live A Good Life

"I think about my 17 year old daughter," starts the email from a concerned mother. "What will her life be like living with bipolar disorder forever?"

Ironically, the email arrives just before this blog post from Natalie Jean Champagne: "Is it Possible to Recover from Chronic Mental Illness?" In a very succinct fashion using the physical vs. mental illness analogy, Natalie spells out that for people with bipolar, schizophrenia, in many instances major depression and certain anxiety and other disorders, you have to be in it for the long-haul. It isn't like your doctor will say: "take a few pills, put an ice pack on your head, and in a few weeks you'll be feeling just fine."

HealthyPlace Medical Director and Board-Certified psychiatrist, Dr. Harry Croft says there's a direct correlation between full acceptance of your mental illness and your level of recovery (managing your symptoms) over time. People who understand and acknowledge the gravity of their illness are usually more committed to the treatment process. For those having difficulty getting to that point, Dr. Croft says, therapy can pave the way.

So my response to the mother above is: there are also people who have serious physical disabilities that last a lifetime, yet with treatment and perseverance, they manage to live full and productive lives. Hopefully with your support and guidance, your daughter can find that too.

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