Pretending You’re Fine Worsens Depression

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When you live with depression, it takes supreme effort to appear as if you’re fine. Yet, many pretend to be fine which worsens their depression. Read more.

Pretending You’re Fine Worsens Depression,,

It’s a dilemma someone on the outside of depression might not realize. When you live with depression, it takes supreme effort to appear as if you’re fine. Even though doing so is exhausting, you drag yourself out of bed and support others or simply trudge to the next gargantuan chore on your list. Maybe you pretend to be fine because you don’t want to be a burden. Perhaps you feel like you must hide your pain. Whatever your personal reason, you do everything you can to keep going and look “normal.”

"The only thing more exhausting than being depressed is pretending that you're not." ~ Depression Quote

However, depression is a real illness that is both mentally and physically exhausting. The effort it takes to function as if you’re fine can wear you out further. This makes your need for depression support and understanding even greater, but because others think you’re fine, you silently slide deeper into the dark hole that is major depression.

Consider a balanced approach. Choose one or two areas that, to you, are important to spend your very limited energy. Identify areas where you need extra support. Give yourself permission to ask for help in those areas so you can spend energy elsewhere.  

It’s understandable that you might want people in your life to see you as okay. Remember, though, that depression is an illness you’re experiencing. It isn’t a weakness, a flaw, or a component of your character. It is okay to not be okay.

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