What is Emotional Intelligence, and What Does it Do For You?

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Emotional intelligence is something many talk about, but what does it mean? What does EQ really do for you? Find out the answers on HealthyPlace

What is Emotional Intelligence, and What Does it Do For You?

Imagine being able to make your emotions work for you rather than experiencing emotions as erratic feelings that control you (Learn How To Control Your Emotions). The ability to do that is known as emotional intelligence.

The essence of emotional intelligence is being able to fully notice, identify, assess, and regulate your emotions. Emotional intelligence also applies to others; being able to notice and identify others' emotions is an important part of human connection and increases empathy.

Emotional intelligence allows us to manage our emotions. Often, we find ourselves controlled by our feelings, and we become stuck in a pattern of reacting to the world around us. When we simply act on emotions, we're being controlled by our emotions. Developing emotional intelligence allows us to manage our emotions and act intentionally rather than letting our feelings and actions spiral out of control.

It's possible to hone emotional intelligence.

  • Start by noticing your emotions without judgement; just let them "be" without trying to label or stop them.
  • Notice how your emotions and your thoughts are connected. How are you feeling, and what are you thinking about the feelings, a situation, etc.?
  • Noticing emotions and thoughts allows you to distance yourself from the intensity of emotions so that you can assess a situation and take control of your actions rather than letting your emotions control you.

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