Self Help Quiz #2

Self-Therapy For People Who ENJOY Learning About Themselves

These questions illustrate major points I've emphasized in various topics. Some of these major points were surprising when you first read them, so, if you've forgotten what the topics said,
you may get surprised again when check your answers!

Sometimes more than one answer is technically correct, but one answer is always best.


From Life's Craziest Beliefs

1) Which of these is not one of life's craziest beliefs:

A) The world is a scary place.
B) I am alive to please people.
C) Hate and love are not opposites.
D) I can't change.

2) We often think that "everyone" believes the same "crazy beliefs" we do, mainly because:

A) We learn them through school.
B) We learn them through the media.
C) All our friends believe them.
D) They just seem so true.

From How Are You Spending Your Life?

3) Once we have plenty of physical energy, our next natural priority in life is to get enough:

A) Love and attention.
B) Money.
C) Information and learning.
D) Sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

4) When it comes to our relationships, "the more we risk the greater the reward"

A) Is true.
B) Is false.

5) People play tricky psychological "games" to get a lot of attention without the risk of being too intimate:

A) True.
B) False.


6) Withdrawal is riskier than intimacy.

A) True
B) False.

7) We get more contact from others when we work with them than when we play psychological games with them.

A) True
B) False.

From Talking To Yourself

8) Mental self-talk that makes you feel bad always contains a "disagreement."

A) True.
B) False.

9) When you are finished updating your self-talk you will be:

A) Finished learning on your own.
B) Dead.
C) Finished learning from professionals.
D) Happy.

10) Mentally calling your parents by their first name (instead of "mom" or "dad" or "mother" or "father"):

A) Calling a Family Service Agency.
B) Calling your local Mental Health Association.
C) Either A & B.
D) Calling any good therapist.

A) Telephone interviews with a few therapists.
B) Get the opinions of friends.
C) Follow insurance company recommendations.
D) Use the Yellow Pages.

A) Something is wrong with the therapist.

B) You need their help.
C) They are probably trained in Jungian analysis.
D) They need your help.

From Getting Practical #1: The Basics

A) Is a bad idea because it's internally confusing.
B) Is very helpful.
C) Is a bad idea because it denies reality.
D) Is disrespectful.

From Are You Considering Therapy?

11) If you can't afford therapy the best way(s) to find out about inexpensive or free therapy is through:

12) Which of the following is the worst way to find a good therapist:

13) If your therapist is sure he or she knows you better than you know yourself, this shows:

14) We should take care of our physical needs (food, air, water, etc.):

A) As soon as we notice physical discomfort.
B) When we have scheduled it, not later.
C) As soon as we notice the first bit of pain.
D) When someone reminds us that we should.

15) Which of the following is the healthiest decision about alcohol:

A) "I'll never drink alcohol. It's just too risky."
B) "I'll only drink occasionally, when I feel the need."
C) "Since I'm not an alcoholic, I'll drink as often as I want to."
D) "I'll only drink when I'm happy."

16) Which of the following is true about guilt and shame:

A) Both of them are good for us.
B) Guilt can be good for us, but shame never is.
C) Neither of them is good for us.
D) Guilt is natural, but shame is not.

From Getting Practical #2: Relationships, Couples, Families and Careers

17) The main reason we have friends is:

A) To take care of each other.
B) To play together.
C) To learn from each other.

D) A, B & C Equally.

18) A parent's primary duty is:

A) To love, protect, teach and control.
B) To love, protect and teach.
C) To love and protect.
D) None of these.

19) Never apply for a new job if you think the job is "over your head."

A) True. It can be too discouraging.
B) False. It can teach you your limits.
C) True. It can waste your time.
D) False. You might actually get the job.

20) Expect to be rejected when you apply for a new job.

A) True. Rejection is a "gold star" on the road to success.
B) False. It makes you interview poorly.
C) True. You must get ready for the pain of it.
D) False. It creates low self-esteem.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Go back to the original topics to learn more. Notice any question which shows you something good about how your life is going! Notice any question which shows you some way to improve your life!

Enjoy Your Changes!

Everything here is designed to help you do just that!



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