ADHD Tips for Time and Mood Management

For people with ADHD, ADD, tips for getting organized and better managing your time and moods.


  1. Use a watch with an hourly alarm you can set to keep track of time.
  2. Make a specific place to leave your keys, when you come home.
  3. Make a list of what you want to accomplish each day, then pick the top 3 priorities.
  4. Be realistic about how long it will take get to places.
  5. Use sun glass straps, keys that clip to you, and fanny packs.
  6. Use an appointment book or calender to keep track of your schedule.


  1. Take two breaths before you act or speak. (especially if you are angry)
  2. Allow your phone machine to pick up calls, so you can think before you call back.
  3. Write down thoughts if in a group or meeting, then pick only 2 or 3 to share.
  4. Practice listening without thinking about what you want to say.
  5. Remove yourself from the situation before or during a rage attack.
  6. Allow yourself to break away from negative thoughts and mood.
  7. Be aware of what may trigger your rage.
  8. Discuss with trusted friends or therapist before you make major life changes.


  1. Be aware of what distracts you, and make decisions if you want to stay focused.
  2. Acknowledge the areas in your life where you are able to sustain your attention.
  3. Look for occupations that are suited to your attention style.
  4. Allow yourself to take breaks when focusing on prolonged tasks.
  5. Let yourself hyperfocus on video games, T.V., exercise, recreation as a reward.
  6. Keep a tape recorder or note pad in your car to catch your ideas.


  1. Exercise when possible, (walking, running, working out, sports.)
  2. Allow yourself to move your body when you are thinking.
  3. Remember that you don't have to act on all of the thoughts that you have.
  4. Consider taking a vacation instead of moving, changing jobs or relationships.


  1. Set a timer watch to go off as needed as a reminder to take medications.
  2. Keep medications and water by your bed or in bathroom so you can take it first thing. (Be careful if you have children)
  3. Talk with your doctor about the effects of mixing caffeine, alcohol, and other drugs with your medication.

About the author:Wendy Richardson M.A., MFT, CAS is a Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist, and Certified Addiction Specialist in private practice in Soquel, California. Wendy is the author of The Link Between ADD & Addiction, Getting the Help You Deserve, (1997), and When Too Much Isn't Enough, Ending the Destructive Cycle of AD/HD and Addictive Behavior (2005)



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