Joel Metzger from the Online Noetic Network

Interview with Joel Metzger

Joel Metzger is the coordinator of the Online Noetic Network. I also encourage you to read the "Thread of Life."

Tammie: What led you to launch the Online Noetic Network?

Joel: I came online and found little that interested me. Everyone talking. Lots of My Favorite Is... , My Hobby Is... , My Story Is... , I Believe In... , but few sources of talk about what this life is. What life is for all of us! We all have something in common. Let's celebrate in that! I started ONN to be a source for the articles that I want to read.

Tammie: What people have been the most influential in your life, and how?

Joel: The people who have taught me the most about myself, my life, as it is. In other words, the people who most influenced changes in my life are the ones who showed me that I don't need to change!

Tammie: You wrote an incredibly powerful account of your near death experience. I was hoping that you'd share a bit about your experience and its impact on you. How has it changed you?

Joel: When everything in your life changes -- and I mean *everything*: family, friends, home, abilities, personality, body, interests -- then you're sure to see the one thing that is consistent. I was still alive. That life is my treasure. Know it. Anyone interested in this story should read it at the ONN site.

Tammie: You also wrote that simplicity is your sanctuary. How so?

Joel: I love this question. Because I love this sanctuary. It's mine. I own it. I am the child of that simplicity, that simplicity that keeps me alive.

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Tammie: If you were to have explained to your daughter when she was ten years old what the meaning of life was, what would have you said to her?

Joel: Meaning? Depends what meaning you give to it. I guess the phrase "meaning of life" doesn't do much for me. I sure haven't figured out any meaning to life. Now, if you were to ask what the beauty of life is, ahh, that I could answer!

Tammie: So what is the beauty of life from your perspective?

Joel: When I talk about life, I mean this feeling I get inside myself, just the simple flow of life itself. For me, this has a presence of its own and a beauty I find nowhere else.

Tammie: What are your hopes and fears regarding the future of our world?

Joel: I hope that everyone can learn the beauty and simplicity they have. I hope everyone can gather around that beauty. It would change everything. It has changed my perspective, goals, efforts.

Tammie: What have been the primary lessons of your life experiences?

Joel: I think the article states that very well. Please read The Thread of Life.

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