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There are no miracle cures for ADHD. Here's a list of some ADHD treatments that have NOT been proven to work.

You may have heard media reports or seen advertisements for "miracle cures" for ADHD. Carefully research any such claims. Consider whether the source of the information is valid. At this time, there is no scientifically proven cure for this condition.

The following methods have not been proven to work in scientific studies:

  • Optometric vision training (asserts that faulty eye movement and sensitivities cause the behavior problems)

  • Megavitamins and mineral supplements

  • Anti-motion-sickness medication (to treat the inner ear)

  • Treatment for candida yeast infection

  • EEG biofeedback (training to increase brain-wave activity)

  • Applied kinesiology (realigning bones in the skull)

Always tell your pediatrician about any alternative therapies, supplements or medications that your child is using. These may interact with prescribed medications and harm your child.

While there are no signs of a cure at this time, research is ongoing to learn more about the role of the brain in ADHD and the best ways to treat the disorder. Additional research is looking at the long-term outcomes for people with ADHD.

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics


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