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  1. Is Spirituality Good for Your Health?
    Dr. Anne Harrington offers the historical interrelationship between spirituality and health and enticed some critical scrutiny of the varied questions and challenges they raise. Oct/2005
  2. Stress, Individual Differences, and the Social Environment
    Dr. Bruce McEwen discusses the important role that the endocrine and nervous systems play in the communication between the brain and the rest of the body and how common, low levels of stress over time, such as stress caused by the events of everyday life, can affect health. Dr. McEwen also discusses the impact of stress on the immune system and regions of the brain involved in fear and cognitive function. Mar/2004
  3. Complementary and Alternative Medicine: From Promises to Proof
    Arthritis, depression, menopause, cancer--for millions of Americans, these and other health concerns are not being adequately addressed through conventional medicine. Many are turning outside the medical mainstream to approaches that embrace the whole person--mind, body and spirit. In fact, Americans spend more money for complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM, than for all other health care needs. From acupuncture to massage therapy to dietary supplements, CAM approaches are affordable and accessible, but largely untested. NCCAM's Director, Dr. Stephen Straus, discussed current research on which CAM practices work, why and how they work and whether they are safe. Oct/2003


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