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Living with Agoraphobia.. and other anxiety related challenges

Comprehensive agoraphobia info covering what it's like to be phobic, treatment including systematic desensitization.Well, now that you've made your way to Living with Agoraphobia, I suppose you just might like to know what that funny-sounding name means.

There are many technical definitions with all kinds of slants. For practical purposes, I'll just give you a brief definition given to me by a counselor I once worked with. According to her, agoraphobia is an anxiety condition wherein the one challenged with it suffers extreme anxiety, or even terror, when subjected to any situation which is outside of his or her "safety zone."

The focus of this site is a practical one, one which explains in everyday terms what it's like to be phobic (shortened word for agoraphobic), written by a person who's been phobic for about 37 years now.

To be sure, like most life situations, being phobic has its upsides and its downsides. I hope to give you a smattering of it all, as told by those of us who know the challenge first-hand.

Luci, a good friend of mine and sister phobic, will also be contributing her input throughout this site. I hope you find it interesting, as well as informative.

Cruise around and enjoy your "surf"!


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