Practice Mindfulness to Build Self-Esteem

May 15, 2020 Jessica Kaley

Mindfulness can help you build strong self-esteem in part because mindfulness is the practice of focusing on one thing at a time. When your mind jumps around from one thing to another, it's difficult to make progress on any one task. This can lead you to feel inadequate and incompetent. Learn to practice mindfulness and you will find yourself completing more tasks with fewer errors, and your self-esteem will blossom.

I'm having a tough week. Social isolation is starting to get to me, even with the abundance of Zoom video chats with friends and family. I found myself slipping from the routines that I built to help manage my bipolar type 2 mood swings. My home is messy and so am I.

Replace Multi-Tasking with Mindfulness to Increase Self-Esteem

Because I've been letting things slide, I found my brain trying to juggle everything that needs to be done. I'm reminded of the days when I was proud to be a master multi-tasker. I thought I was doing the best I could then, but the truth is I failed at too many things because I didn't allow them the proper amount of focus. Even though I also succeeded at plenty, my overall self-image was of failure, and learning to practice mindfulness helped me dispel this picture and replace it with that of a competent person with healthy self-esteem.

The video is an honest view of where I am right now and how practicing mindfulness helped my self-esteem today. Do you practice mindfulness or are you constantly juggling and multi-tasking? How does your self-esteem fare based on your style of managing tasks?

I look forward to reading your comments about your personal experience with using mindfulness to build your self-esteem.

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