Schizoaffective Anxiety Spike Over Upcoming Surgery

July 20, 2023 Elizabeth Caudy

I have an extreme case of schizoaffective anxiety, and I’m preparing for major surgery. I’m getting knee replacements in both knees--one at a time. This anxiety spike about surgery is multi-faceted.

A Surgery-Related Anxiety Spike Is Partially About Not Taking Certain Medications Before Surgery

I’m on a lot of medication for my schizoaffective disorder, and I was afraid I’d have to refrain from taking any of it the night before the surgery--not a great idea for me. That’s what happened when I got surgery for a meniscus tear in my left knee. Luckily, I don’t have to do that this time.

I do have to stop taking my birth control pills a week before the first surgery on my right knee. I have to stop taking them because of the possibility of blood clots forming while I’m first recovering and not moving around. This concerns me because I may get my period that week, and I don’t know how I’ll be at cleaning up because I can’t take baths--I can’t get in and out of a bathtub with my knees in such pain or right after surgery. I’ll take showers, but baths are just better than showers as the way for me to clean up during my period. I don’t get my period on the birth control I’m on. I’m also concerned about this medication change because birth control pills help regulate my mood during my cycle.

Physical Therapy After Surgery Is Creating an Anxiety Spike 

Another thing I’m worried about is physical therapy. For the first two weeks after I come home from the hospital, someone will come to my apartment twice a week to coach my physical therapy, and then I’ll go to the clinic for it until the beginning of October. Physical therapy is what I’m most worried about because it’s so important.

Since my car is parked a couple of blocks away and I can’t walk that far, I’ll have to take an Uber to therapy. There’s another taxi service near where I live, but the last time I tried them, they didn’t show up. I’m nervous about taking an Uber because I’ve never done it before. What if they don’t show up, either? I am aware this is a what-if situation, but anxiety is all about exaggerating the worry of what-ifs.

There are some days my husband, Tom, can drive me. He has a day off during the week, and the schedule is rock solid. I’m a little concerned about the days he’s driving me to physical therapy for early evening appointments after he gets out of work. I’m afraid he’ll be running late and won’t be able to take me. Tom and I discussed this, and if he’s going to be too late to take me to physical therapy, he’ll let me know, and I’ll call an Uber. Ugh, I don't like the idea of more Ubers. Ugh, I don't like more surgery anxiety spikes.

My mom said she’d also try to help with driving me to physical therapy.

So, with all these ups and downs about getting to physical therapy, you’d think I’d be happy about the therapists coming to the apartment. Well, I am, except that it means we have to clean. I’m sure we’ll figure that out. I’m sure we’ll figure all of this out. All I’m doing is projecting, jumping to conclusions, and catastrophizing. I'll give it one more try. Along with my support team, I’ll figure it out.

Have you experienced anxiety spikes because of surgery? Share with me below.

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Author: Elizabeth Caudy

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