Living with Postpartum Depression? You're Not Alone

October 17, 2010 Holly Gray

Postpartum depression can be bewildering, isolating. Recovering from postpartum depression symptoms isn’t always easy. Listen to one woman's story on the HealthyPlace Mental Health Radio Show.

"I felt like I must not love my children enough, otherwise I would be happy to be around them," says Sue Robinson, a California pastry chef turned stay-at-home mom of two kids. Author of the blog Motherhood and Me, Sue is in treatment for postpartum depression (Editor's Note: Website "Motherhood and me" is under new ownership.)

postpartum depression doesn't always look like you think it willOur guest on this week's HealthyPlace Mental Health Radio Show, Sue, talks about how postpartum depression impacts her life. Sue hopes that " ... by sharing my insecurities and my story, it helps other moms not feel so alone in their dark moments."

For more information about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of postpartum depression, visit the HealthyPlace Depression Community.

Listen to "The Impact of Living with Postpartum Depression"

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Author: Holly Gray

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