Quit Delaying Your Self-Approval

March 31, 2015 Fay Agathangelou

Delaying your self-approval prevents you from having a healthy self-esteem. You might be waiting for something to happen before you approve or feel good about yourself. For example, it might be losing that excess weight or having that perfect job, partner, dream home or more money. A healthy self-esteem is regardless of your circumstances and it's important to approve of yourself regardless of those things. Delaying self-approval is effectively delaying life and it's disempowering.

Consequences of Delaying Your Self-Approval

Delaying your self-approval might stop you from doing the things you want to do, or from enjoying life as much as you could. You can easily feel down or depressed or you might worry too much about the future outcome. You’re not living life to the fullest and you’re missing out on so much. Delaying your self-approval is damaging to your self-esteem and it’s not good for your wellbeing.

How to Quit Delaying Your Self-Approval

The most important way to stop delaying your self-approval is to give yourself permission to love and approve of yourself as you are right now. Your worth as a person is who you are inside, regardless of your circumstances, achievements or possessions. Your worth will not change even if your circumstances do.

Delaying your self-approval prevents you from having a healthy self-esteem. Find out how to quit delaying your self-approval. Watch this.

Helpful ideas include practicing gratitude and using affirmations. These help you to focus on the good things about yourself. Additionally, love and treat yourself as you would a best friend.

It's also important to be fully engaged in the present moment rather than focusing on the future. You are worthy as you are at this point in time. You may want to change your life and it's good to have goals. However, creating the life you want requires action in the present moment. When you’re not fully engaged in the present you're probably not making the most of it.

An important thing to realise is that the future is uncertain. So many things can change and there’s no guarantee of any outcome. Additionally, your circumstances will never be just right. Basing your worth on something that might not happen, or waiting for that perfect moment is setting yourself up for failure. Even if you do achieve what you want, a healthy self-worth is not dependent on that. If your self-approval or self-worth is based on something external to yourself, you’ll feel inadequate again if your circumstances change. And they will. Change is inevitable and a part of life but a healthy self-esteem survives change.

For a healthy self-esteem, it's important to approve of yourself as you are right now. Stop delaying your self-approval and believe you are worthy.

Quit Delaying Your Self-Approval and Build Self-Esteem

In this self-esteem video, I talk about ways to stop delaying your self-approval.

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Author: Fay Agathangelou

Yatin Khulbe
April, 5 2015 at 10:17 pm

Hi Fay
Ya, we must not delay our self-approval. As, you said in the video, our inner space won't change by any external circumstances. We must live in the present moment because we don't know what future holds in for us.
I completely with your gratitude point. By exercising it, we understand the relevance of small things in our life.
Thanks for the motivating video

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Fay Agathangelou
April, 6 2015 at 4:58 am

Hi Yatin,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I'm glad you liked the article and video. I agree that living in the present moment and practicing gratitude both make a big difference.

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