Video on De-romanticizing Anorexia

A video playlist on anorexia and how society and the love-affair with slenderness forces men and women of any age to starve themselves.

Anorexia is the most deadly mental illness. In this video, our guest, Angela Gambrel Lackey talks about how her life with anorexia started. She began watching her weight to please others, that kept telling her how great she look when she was slender. Unfortunately, with anorexia, you never know when to stop and Angela developed severe anaemia. The original HealthyPlace interview with Angela is not available. However, here is Angela speaking about her experiences with anorexia and recovery.

Watch Video Playlist About Anorexia, Bulimia, and EDNOS

About our guest, Angela Gambrel Lackey

Angela LackeyAngela is a woman on a journey of recovery from anorexia. She is also a writer, a graduate student, a wife and mom to a beautiful cat, Aliena, and a very curious person!

Angela writes about her recovery from anorexia from the perspective of someone who developed an eating disorder later in life - at age 41. Learn more about Angela and read her HealthyPlace Blog "Surviving ED"  and her personal blog "Leaving ED" at

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