Intersexuality Video: The Story of an Intersexual

What it's like to grow up as an intersexed child? Kailana talks about her personal experiences in this video.

Typically, babies are born with male or female sexual characteristics. Intersexed people are different, they may be neither all female or all male, but have anatomic features of both sexes. Parents and doctors often feel the need to decide which sex and gender the baby must be raised. Without question this decision will have a huge impact on the life of the new born baby.

KailanaKailana is intersexual (reconstructed male, reassigning female), she was raised as a boy, but parents and doctors didn't understand that she didn't feel like one. Kailana served in the military for four years until 1993, when she was diagnosed as intersexual. In this video, Kailana talks about her experience growing up as an intersexual (Ed. Note: Kailana's video is no longer available. But we thank her for her willingness to participate in this discussion.)

Intersexuality Is a Physical Condition



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