3 Ways to Go On When Mental Illness Says You Can’t

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Mental illness can make it difficult to get up and get moving. Learn  three ways to go on when  mental illness says you can’t at HealthyPlace.

3 Ways to Go On When Mental Illness Says You Can't

Mental illness can make it difficult for people to get up and get moving day-after-day. Sometimes, people living with mental illness feel that they just can't go on. That's mental illness trying to take control.

Think of yourself as a beautiful flower, stretching up to the sun and offering your wonderful uniqueness to the world. Mental illness creeps in like a noxious weed (Anxiety is a Weed in Your Garden). It winds around you and pulls you down. Here are three ways to loosen yourself from the weed and go on when mental illness says you can't.

  1. Create a box of joy and keep it handy. An index card holder and cards work well. Write down passions, activities you enjoy, ideas for getting moving, etc. When it's hard to get going, grab a random card and follow what's on it.
  2. Make decision-making easy. Simplify and organize your closet. Grocery shop for a week at a time and organize your kitchen. Create a routine for your day.
  3. Pay attention to what is going right. Mental illness tries to keep people's focus on the negative. When you catch yourself ruminating, shift your thinking to the things in your life that are good.

Sometimes, mental illness becomes completely overwhelming (Finding a Reason to Live When You Have Mental Illness). When this happens, reach out to mental health hotlines; doing so is helpful.

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