4 Signs Anxiety is Starting to Take Over Your Life

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How can you tell if anxiety has started taking over your life? Here are 4 signs that anxiety is controlling you more and more.

4 Signs Anxiety is Starting to Take Over Your Life

Anxiety has a way of insidiously creeping in until you’re constantly agitated. But how do you really know if anxiety has begun to take over your life or if you’re just overanalyzing it? Knowing signs of an anxiety take-over can help you know if you need anxiety help or if you can let this worry go.

4 Signs that Anxiety is Taking Over Your Life

  1. The fear of anxiety causes anxiety. You have anxiety about your anxiety. Your old anxieties are still hanging around, and you worry about them like you always have done. But now, you worry about the fact that you’re worrying.
  2. Worrying is consuming a lot of time. You might find yourself standing in an aisle at the grocery store fretting about nutrition labels (maybe you even look up sketchy ingredients on your phone and get caught in link-clicking stress). Maybe you worry that buying packaged snacks makes you a horrible parent. Whatever it is, anxiety is slowing you down.
  3. You no longer do what you used to enjoy because you’re driven to tend to your anxieties.
  4. You find yourself constantly asking people, “Do you think I worry too much.”

If you find that anxiety is controlling you more and more, don’t add it to your worries. Use the insight as a way to take steps to reduce your anxiety.

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