Comorbid Depression: Depression and Another Mental Illness

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Comorbid Depression: Depression and Another Mental Illness

As if having an anxiety disorder, an eating disorder, ADHD or schizophrenia isn't enough, many with a mental illness also suffer from depression. What brings this to mind is this week's post by our blogger, Dan Hoeweler, who discusses his battles with schizoaffective disorder and depression.

Whether the depression is a by-product of the struggles of living with a separate mental illness or developed on its own doesn't really matter. Studies have shown that people who have depression, in addition to another disorder, tend to have more severe symptoms of both conditions. This decreases the chances of successful treatment and depending on the severity of the depression and other condition, comorbidity can increase someone's risk for suicide.

Research has yielded increasing evidence that treating the depression can also help improve the outcome of treating the other existing illness. That's why it's so important to discuss any depression symptoms with your doctor or therapist.

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