Coping with Disappointments when Living with Mental Illness

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Coping with Disappointments when Living with Mental Illness

Do you feel like life is one big disappointment after another and that you’re struggling because of it? COVID-19 restrictions continue and many schools are still doing remote learning so that traditional fall and family plans must be cancelled. Political fights are louder as election campaign season heats up, and people on both sides fear extreme, life-disrupting disappointment and negative consequences.

Mental illness can intensify the effects of disappointments, throwing you for a loop that can leave you vulnerable. If you’re wondering why the situation is so tough and what you can possibly do to drag yourself out of the depths of disappointment, try these tips to calm your negative emotions.

  • Allow yourself to feel your full range of emotions, recognizing the negative ones and being gentle with yourself for having them
  • Every day, identify one small action that will help you feel better emotionally, and do it
  • If you are taking medication or following a treatment plan, continue it even if you feel like throwing in the towel—it’s more important now than ever
  • Seek extra support from your therapist, online support groups like these depression support groups, local organizations (many are offering connections via platforms like zoom), or loved ones

Allowing yourself to feel your emotions around disappointments and taking steps to nurture yourself will help you cope. You just might find, too, that you make room for new ways to replace disappointment with new, positive experiences.

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"The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die." ~ Juliette Lewis

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