Do You Find It Hard to Love Yourself?

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Do You Find It Hard to Love Yourself?

Finding it hard to love yourselfOn our social sites this week, we've been talking about "being your own worst critic" and finding it hard to love yourself. As our former blogger, Deltra Coyne says "it's difficult loving yourself when you have a mental illness." For many, the root of being your own worst critic goes back to childhood and hearing negative messages about your abilities and self-worth, says HealthyPlace Medical Director and Board-Certified psychiatrist, Dr. Harry Croft. Dr. Croft notes that when you have a mental illness, it's usually coupled with depression or periods of depression which can feed into your inner critic. Eventually, the constant self-criticism turns into low self-esteem and people sometimes describe that as "finding it hard to love yourself."

So how can you turn low self-esteem and feelings of low self-worth around?

  • Therapy helps you establish an objective view of yourself.
  • Associate with people who are "positive" and get as far away as possible from people who are destructive to you.
  • Set small achievable goals. When they are accomplished, acknowledge that in a way that feels good to you.

All this takes time and practice, so be gentle with yourself along the way.

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