Feeling Guilty Because You Have A Mental Illness

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Do you feel guilty because you have a mental illness? Find out if the guilt tied to your mental illness is appropriate and how to get rid of guilty feelings.

Feeling Guilty Because You Have A Mental Illness

Do you feel guilty because you have a mental illness? HealthyPlace newsletter subscriber, Jason, does. In an email, Jason writes:

"I feel guilty for having bipolar disorder. At some point or another, it has affected, even hurt everyone important in my life; my parents, my friends, my co-workers. I feel especially bad for my parents because I see the hurt in their faces whenever they see me struggling."

Guilt does serve a positive purpose. If you've done something wrong, you feel "emotionally hounded" until you apologize and right the wrong. On the other hand, it can become self-destructive and a complete waste of energy. So how do you figure out whether your guilt is appropriate. HealthyPlace Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft, suggests asking yourself this one question:

Am I truly responsible for what happened?

feeling-guilty-mental-illness-art-01Feeling Guilty Because You Have A Mental IllnesshealthyplaceYou are not responsible for having a mental illness. You are not responsible because you might need someone's help. You are not responsible for other people's reactions to your simply having a mental illness. But you are responsible for your actions and behaviors whether or not you have a mental illness. If you have done something improper or wrong, under the influence of your mental illness or not, then guilt may be an appropriate emotional response.

How to Get Rid of Guilty Feelings

Figure out whether or not you should feel guilty. Did you actually do something wrong? Being born with or developing a mental illness is not something you did. Taking money from your parents for treatment and using it to party is an example of doing something wrong.

Is there something you can do to right things or make them better? Maybe you can't give the money back right now, but you can definitely apologize and learn from what you did.

Still feeling guilty? Ask yourself if it's necessary or productive. If you've done everything you can, does guilt still serve any positive purpose?

It's time to get on with your life. Negative, guilty feelings lead to inappropriate levels of shame and self-loathing. Affirm that nobody is perfect and that you will not make this mistake again. Engage in positive activities that allow you to do good.

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