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How about a mental health do-over? That’s right! Giving your mental health a fresh start. Read this and learn how on HealthyPlace.

Give Your Mental Health a Fresh Start

You can give your mental health a fresh start, a change, any time you need it. We face many challenges in our lives; some come from our outer world of things and people, and some come from our inner world of thoughts, feelings, and neurological activity.

Whether struggles come from things outside of you or inside of you—or both—it's possible to give your mental health a new beginning (You Create Yourself). Your mental health is like sculpting clay. Its natural shape is beautiful because it's the shape of you. The challenges you face dent and twist the clay, seemingly damaging your mental health and wellbeing.

How to Give Your Mental Health a Fresh Start

Mental health, like clay, is malleable, resilient and can experience a fresh start at any time. Here are some ways to give your mental health a fresh start:

  • See each day as a new beginning to start fresh and shape it into what you envision.
  • Practice self-care; if you've been neglecting yourself, here's a great place for a new beginning.
  • Discover new interests and activities to give your mental health a fresh boost.
  • Massage negative thoughts and beliefs out of the clay, and create realistic new ones for a positive change.

Go ahead. Give your mental health a fresh start.

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Today's Question: When you notice that you need a fresh start, a new beginning, a change, how do you go about making it happen? We invite you to participate by commenting and sharing your feelings, experiences and knowledge on the HealthyPlace Facebook page and on the HealthyPlace Google+ page.

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