Settling for Second Best or Even Worse

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Are You A Person Who Settles for 2nd, 3rd, 4th Best?

In Theresa Fung's relationship blog, "The Unlocked Life," she talks about settling for Mr. Okay instead of going after Mr. Right. It got me thinking about how many times people with mental health concerns settle for whatever life hands them. For instance, we:

  • continue to tolerate employment discrimination (thank goodness they let us work at all)
  • put up with mistreatment by loved ones or others (because someone is better than no one in our lives or because of our conditions we deserve to be mistreated)
  • let the doctor tell us we have to "learn to live with serious side effects" as if there were no options (at least he's seeing me and giving me some kind of treatment)

In the end, it really has to do with assertiveness and believing we deserve more. Whether it's a relationship, a job, medical or psychological treatment, or anything else, we shouldn't have to settle for "Mr. Okay."

Assertiveness: Getting What You Deserve

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