What Is a Strengths-Based Approach to Mental Health?

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Strengths-based therapy focuses on things within you that already work vs things that are not working. Learn more about strengths-based therapy on HealthyPlace.

What is a Strengths-Based Approach to Mental Health?

You are not your mental illness, nor does your illness define who you are and how you live your life. A strengths-based approach to mental health recognizes and embraces these facts.

“Strengths” is a concept that encompasses many aspects of who people are. Strengths include character traits, talents, and abilities. When you recognize, develop, and use them, you can take forward action and be who you are. You are empowered to live well in spite of mental illness and other challenges.

Therapists draw from a variety of theories and techniques to help people work past mental health challenges. Some are problem-oriented and seek to uncover what is wrong. Other mental health professionals, such as strengths-based counselors, aren’t as concerned with the problem as they are with what is already working and what people have within them.

A strengths-based approach to mental health leans heavily toward exploring, developing, and using your traits and abilities to transcend problems; however, that doesn’t mean that strengths-based therapy never explores problems. Therapy is rarely all-or-nothing but instead uses a wide range of approaches to help people heal. Strengths-based therapy just focuses more on things within you that already work.

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