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BRAVO Sir! Great website!!
I would like to compliment you on your wonderful website. It is filled with wisdom and understanding that all mankind could benefit from learning. I have just sent links to your website to everyone on my email list...Thanks again for the great work."

Douglas Bell, Project Management Consultant

"Yours is proof that if you have something of quality, the more you give away, the more we'll want to buy.
"I believe I've read your entire web site. You would think that after that I would have said - 'Well, I've seen everything he has - I'm done - guess clever old me won't have to buy the book now.
"Wrong! :-)
"I was more than happy to buy the book, and I'm not disappointed in the least that I did. It's not that you were holding out on us and the additional essays in the book are the best - it's just that there are MORE of those wonderful nuggets of useful and motivating writing.
"I am a 25-year veteran of the technical writing industry, so I tend to be VERY hard when reviewing non-fiction writing. I can say without reserve that I truly appreciate what you've done. Self-Help Stuff That Works - does. Period."

Reginald Thomas Aubry

"I've been a fan of Adam Khan's columns for over seven years. Adam is one of those rare writers who takes a simple, profound idea and makes it LIVE for you ... and he entertains you in the process."

Chris Hill, Editorial Director of
Rodale Health Promotions

"Self-Help Stuff That Works really does work. It's clean, concise, genuinely usable information, without any of the psycho-babble. Over the years of interviewing authors for my radio shows, I've had many self-help books cross my desk, and many of them were written more like textbooks, full of professor-speak. Self-Help Stuff That Works is a breath of fresh air that speaks simply and directly in a non-judgemental and truly uplifting manner. While many books try to offer a magic bullet or some cosmic epiphany, yours is down-to-earth advice and encouragement that anyone can relate to."

Dan Murphy, Afternoon Host,


"A practical and interesting guide to gaining control of your life and reaching your highest potential. The handbook for the human life."

Will Bowen, Creator of Apple at
Dayand RomantiCards

"Adam takes an entire body of self-help literature and boils it down into directly useful advice. He separates the wheat from the chaff and prints 100% whole wheat."

Mike Elgan, Adam's brother and editor of
Window's Magazine

"Living in our constantly changing world and at the doorstep of a new millennium I find Adam Khan's information applicable and practical...there are no spinning plates to maintain or rabbits to be removed from any hat. Adam Khan's methods are straightforward and Self-Help Stuff That Works is a "Must Read" book."

Craig Paulsen, Peace Officer

"Positive interaction with others in my personal and professional life are crucial to my success. By applying the material, I have improved the quality of these relationships through better self-awareness and self-esteem. It is concise, down-to-earth, and above all, practical information I could apply immediately. Solid methodology. This really is self-help stuff that works!"

Robb Dunn, Information Systems Consultant,
Husband, and Father of 2

"I will need to buy two so I can have one at the office. We have so much negative input in this world these days, I am trying to keep positive things around me. These are easy reads but deeply meaningful, just the boost one needs. Thank you, Adam, for writing this book!!"

Valerie E. Goulds, ONESTEP Support
Engineer, Wall Data Inc.

"I'm convinced that thoughtful study of these ideas expressed in Adam's book will be of great help to any reader who is seriously interested in improving the quality of his or her life."

John Dayton, 91 year-old Adventurer

"[The chapters] are straightforward and positive. They provide an insight into the positive thinking and 'take charge of yourself' attitude that Adam has and shares with his readers."

Commander Robert L. Sundin,

"Got it, read it and it works! Peppered with usable insights and suggestions...a painless, practical, proven investment in myself...wish I'd had this "Stuff" long ago."

Bob Alford, Manager of Technical Services

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