Physically Abused? Where to Get Help for Physical Abuse

The physically abused often feel alone but there is physical abuse help available. Help and resources for those suffering from physical abuse.

People who are being physically abused often feel trapped and like there is no help available for them, but this isn't true. There are many resources available for physical abuse help. Whether the physical abuse has just started or whether it has escalated into a life-threatening situation, there are services available to help those being physically abused.

Immediate Physical Abuse Help

If you or someone you know has been physically abused and is injured, you should seek immediate medical attention. Depending on the severity of the injury, this may require calling your doctor, going to the emergency room or calling 9-1-1.

It's important to remember that healthcare professionals are on your side and want to help you get out of physically abusive situations. Doctors and other healthcare workers can refer you to the resource most appropriate for your current situation.

Additional Help for Physically Abused

Help for those who have been physically abused but are not currently injured is also readily available. Hotlines for physical abuse help include (in the United States):

Any of the above resources can help you file a report with the authorities about the physical abuse if you so choose.

For additional resources and physical abuse help contact:

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