The Book (Part 5)

Oh Mind, it is so easy to sink back into the mire of unawareness. The emotions and senses can make the world seem enticing, to then draw you out of the Loving state of awareness instantly if you are prone to desires or attachment. You must train yourself in the science of awareness. Not like a science of the physical world, but the spiritual science of cultivated discipline empowered by Love and honor. You must stay with me as much as your duty will allow. Tell me! what part of your day is spent in required concentration, and how much of your day is spent in worry or useless chatter or other activity. How much of your day is spent in mundane and useless thoughts. Gather up all of the time that does not belong to your daily duty and spend it with me. I will empower you to be courageous and confident. I will grant you wisdom. I can ensure your well being.

Oh Mind, listen very attentively. So often in the mundane thoughts of unawareness, you would be tempted to say, "I am sad", but you are never sadness, You are never sad. This type of thinking is wrong and extends a lifetime of illusive suffering. Does silver lose its luster in a room without light? Does it become something different in the dark? If it could, it would never say.. "I am darkness.", but rather... "There is darkness." Equally, does a person become the night under a starless sky.

Oh Mind, why would you say "I am sad", when only a darkness is being cast over you. It is not real to say anything other than, "I am... the Heart" always... on and on regardless of the circumstance. You use those other terms so loosely, blind to the real implication of their use. Without a second thought, you cast a net of deception over yourself and struggle overly and unnecessarily. Don't bring that which is false into your life.

Do not foster a way of thinking that keeps understanding and freedom away from you. To identify yourself with all these countless qualities will only see you lost as in a mirror maze... What is me?... Where is me?... Who is the real me? Never would you know where your truth shall lie. Consider also that you would never need to say... "I am thirsty, I am sad, I am tired" You never need to say... "I am lonely, I am confused or I am angry". Without a doubt, there may be times when the body shall be thirsty or requires sleep. There may be times when feelings of sadness and loneliness are present. Confusion and anger can also dog you, but you are never any of these. You do not have to take on these qualities and proclaim that you are them by the use of ... "I am..." ( that quality).

Do you worry? Does this thinking bring forth any plans that re-establish and maintain a good life? Why be involved in repetitive thinking that goes nowhere; produces no change, and promotes anxiety? You shall dive into the depths of illusion and drown in that feeling. You will lose clarity; hope; and your precious and tender faith can be eroded. If you find you have immersed yourself in such ways, then hold your breath and glide back to the surface... to the true reality of expanded awareness. Breathe easy in the light.

"I am the Heart... I am the Heart... I am the Heart."

This thinking has purpose and merit for you. Any other use of the phrase "I am..." becomes redundant when you truly absorb its meaning through its repetition and contemplation. If you do engage in worry, that thinking will only transport you to the days without understanding. If you engage in the ways that bring despair, and anxiety, then you have chosen to take on these qualities.

Without you saying any words, by your actions you have said... "I am sadness... I am despair... I am pain", but because there is no awareness when sinking into such states, the illusions of life continue to be sustained. This only serves to make life falsely appear to be bitter; cruel; without sense. Your true child-like Love then becomes enshrouded, and your faith is cast aside.

Oh Mind, the maze would dissolve forever upon the permanent realization that to say "I am the Heart", would be your highest Truth. Regardless of the situation, there is only one reflection worthy of identification that can truly be of service to you. There is only one train of thought that has any merit. Resign your residence from the world of illusion once and for all. Identify only with me.

"I am the Heart... I am the Heart... I am the Heart."

The invalid expressions of consciousness only serve to keep you entangled in subtle illusions preventing you from crossing over the fine line into the living Truth.

For yourself, the use of "I am..." is only valid when it is completed by saying "the Heart."

Are you feeling afraid?

"I am the Heart"

Are you feeling lost?

"I am the Heart"

Are you feeling weary?

"I am the Heart"

Are you feeling sad?

"I am the Heart"

This, and your duty is all you have to remember.

Oh Heart, grant me the stillness that shall reveal your many secret gifts. Send me the blessings that bring stillness so that the living silence can be revealed in all its splendor.

Kindle my Heart with the flame of your Love.

Somewhere the embers still glow.

Brighten my mind with the radiance of Truth.

Kindle my Heart and let me Love again. Bring me to know all the ways of your Love.

Teach me that I might know joy.

Open my mind to a life never known.

Touch me and bring me back home.

Guide me through that which I need to be sure.

Teach me so I know myself.

Show me that I never need be afraid.

To go ahead and leave behind old ways.

Oh Heart; yes...I can feel the truth in your gifted phrase to me. It rings of hope and truth. It radiates comfort and faith. It is somehow more than it seems.

Oh mind, when you choose to remember me in this way, maintain a powerful awareness of the meaning of what you are saying. Remember how I have described my abundant self through the limitation of language that I am infinite compassion, tender and soft, yet pure and strong like chaste steel. I am faith trust and courage. I am perfect patience. I am unattainable and stainless and always content in myself.

There is nothing that I seek for I am complete and whole. Joy does not change me. Sorrow does not move me. Forever I am content within myself. I am the living silence that moves about the world, yet apart from the world, and I constantly whisper my truth and my Love to all beings that they may be given the choice of freedom... that they may come to know me and come to want me.

I however do not want, and I cannot be burdened. I am the preserver of duty... of righteousness... of self respect and obedience. I am the qualities that maintain purity and the love of discipline. I am the gardener that plants the healthy seed and I am the nurturing rain. I am the fire that consumes the dead wood. I can draw you into me for my Love is irresistible. I am the silent witness. I am the rock. I am everything, and I can only give. Are not these the qualities that you would wish for yourself ?

Oh mind, they are all there but lie buried beneath layers of worldliness and illusion. Be free! ... be totally free! It is only the thinking and choices born of these layers that make life seem devoid of true purpose, compassion and sense. But a life born from the center flower of the Heart can only bloom for you.

Oh Mind, search for the experience of these words. Do what you must to make these words come alive in you. Nurture them, guard them from the many thieving brothers of the ego.

You MUST guard them!!!... You MUST guard them!!!

Come to me many times in silence. Oh Mind, I do not ask you to only come to me when you are anxious or despondent. Share also your happiness and joys with me. Equally you can make an offering of any part of your life to me. I am always here for you. Tell me you Love me when you are feeling sad. Tell me you Love me when you are feeling happy. Tell me you Love me when there is serenity and peace.

Such offerings contain incredible merit, and the Supreme Silence would never never ignore you. It is an illusion to imagine yourself as an unheard voice. The prayer that is born of the quietened Mind, makes every atom in the Cosmos resonate in sympathy with your thoughts of Love. Cultivated remembrance of me will deliver you from a legion of tormentors, and you will come to know that the peaceful ways of the Heart will make you mighty and victorious. With ease you will turn your back on the things that you would so easily have succumbed to. There will be mastery over illusions to make your life abundant; prosperous; rich in the things of the Heart. Wisdom will be yours, and dreams will come true since your very own beloved dreams will be my very own beloved dreams.

Oh Mind, trust me... whatever me. Trust that I shall truly be with you. Trust that I truly have the power to affect real and great changes in your life. Go over all these words of mine time and time again. I have given you much to contemplate.

Oh mind, if you aspire to reaching the summit of Love, hang on to the silence I give you. Pray for grace and only be concerned about going forward. I want so much for you to be like me. I dearly long to see the day when you shine as radiant as a million Suns.

Stay with the Heart...

to become like the Heart...

to become the Heart.

Stay with me. Remember me. Believe that you are not different from me. I leave you now with great Respect and Love, and let you continue your life again aided by my Loving gifts to you. Look after them with great diligence. Love them tenderly, Honour them reverently, and Cherish them with all your being. Remember me and remember Love.

May the words of Love always be on your lips in everything you say, and may the ways of Love always be in everything you do. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth, and I Love you Perfectly. I will Protect you.

Oh Heart... you have given me everything, what can I give you in return.

To you I offer my life. No one makes me do this, I give it you of my own free will.

There is only Love and I have nothing to fear.

Love you give to me, I'll return to you.

Life you give to me, I will live for you.

Dreams you give to me, I will follow through.

Faith you give to me, will make my dreams come true.

Silently calling my heart, teaching the ways of my truth.

Opening doors to my soul, living in beautiful light.

Songs you give to me, I will sing for you.

Peace you bring to me, will fill my songs of you.

Blessed by your Love I am home,

safe in the arms of your Love.

Rich in the things of the Heart,

All that I need shall be mine.

Love you give to me, I'll return to you.

Life you give to me, I will live for you.

As you return to your abode of peace, I cry out the final words of this blessed meeting of ours. Let me go one step beyond being devoted. Let me go one step beyond being a seeker of the Truth... beyond being a follower of the Truth. Let me be a servant of the Truth.

Farewell... yet not farewell.... I await your silence.

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