Marijuana Use - The Cause

I tried marijuana and started having symptoms of anxiety. Will symptoms go away if I stop smoking the marijuana?Q. I noticed that there was something wrong with me for awhile, and I was told that it could be anxiety. I read some of the symptoms for it, and I think I do have anxiety disorder. I'm pretty sure it started after I tried some drugs like marijuana. If I stop using the drugs, should it go away?

A. We do advise you to speak to your doctor and have a physical check up to ensure there is no physical cause for your symptoms, as the anxiety symptoms can mimic a number of physical problems.

Unfortunately, many people are developing panic disorder as a result of using marijuana and even though they stop using it, the Disorder can be ongoing until they receive appropriate treatment. We do advise people not to use this, or any other 'recreational' drug, including LSD, cocaine or ecstasy, etc. because they can add to and increase the problem.

If your doctor confirms anxiety and/or an anxiety disorder, then you may need to see an Anxiety Disorder CBT Therapist who will be able to assist you. We notice from your email you are at a University. Many universities run Cognitive Behavioral Programs through their Dept. of Psychology. You may wish to check with your local dept. If they don't the psychologists on staff, they would be able to refer you to someone.

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