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Eating Disorders: Anorexia Nervosa -- Articles on Anorexia

USA Gymnastics Online: Technique: Striking the Balance -- Very nice article on the correlation between sports and eating disorders. In the beginning talks about Christy Henrich, a gymnast that lost her battle with anorexia.


Anorexic Men More Depressed Than Peers -- Men who suffer from eating disorders have higher rates of depression, anxiety disorders and alcohol abuse than their peers do, study findings suggest.

Anorexia -- Short article covering the basics of anorexia through the characteristics of a sufferer.


Is Women's Self-Esteem Tied to a Dress Size? -- We're not supposed to hate models because they are beautiful. But what do you feel when you see a young, beautiful woman on television or in an advertisement? Appreciation? Envy? Despair?

The Media and Body Image -- There's no such thing as a "perfect look." Yet magazines, TV shows and commercials could lead you to think otherwise.

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