Who Pays The Price Of Hatred?

Hamed Nastoh, age 14.

March 28, 2000 - Cadman - School Bullying Stories Make Your Blood Boil

Ottawa - In the House of Commons yesterday, Surrey North MP, Chuck Cadman called for action on school violence. His message was framed in a Member's Statement about the death of Hamed Nastoh, the Surrey teen who took his own life on March 11 this year after incessant harassment at school. Following is the text of Cadman's statement:

Mr. Speaker, on March 11, 14 year old Hamed Nastoh left a note for his parents, climbed onto the Pattullo Bridge and jumped to his death in the Fraser River; the final desperate act of a teenager who saw no other way out. There was no escape from the constant taunting, teasing and bullying at the hands of fellow students. He was violently punched at least once, yet he said little, if anything, of his torment. Bullying usually brings to mind images of children in shoving matches. At the junior and high school levels, what is commonly referred to as bullying is nothing less than criminal harassment and assault. It must not be tolerated. Bullies survive through intimidation. They thrive on fear, the victim's fear to come forward. When victims do muster the courage to speak out, there is usually very little by way of consequence to the perpetrator, who then feels even more empowered to escalate the harassment. The victim usually moves to another school and the bully finds a new victim. Hamed's death was preventable. I plead with young people to speak up. I beg of parents to listen and watch for the signs. I demand of educators to identify and remove the predators.

"I've lost count of the number of phone calls and letters I've received over the years from parents of kids who are being harassed at or near their schools. I've had parents with their kids in my office in tears with stories that make your blood boil. Now we have seen the ultimate tragedy, the loss of a young life. We hear plenty of talk about zero tolerance, mediation and conflict resolution but talk is cheap. It has to be backed up with strong, decisive action. No kid should be afraid to go to school. Schools must be safe havens for those who are there to learn - the vast majority. Those who see the school as nothing more than their own personal hunting ground must be removed," says Cadman.

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