Does the Stigma of Therapy Keep You From Getting Help?

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Does the Stigma of Therapy Keep You From Getting Help?

“I've realized therapy is incredibly therapeutic.” ~ Lisa Schroeder

Does the Stigma of Therapy Keep You From Getting Help?The stigma of therapy keeps a lot of people from getting the help they want and need (The Stigma of Seeking Help). Are you among them? Are you worried that you'll be viewed as crazy or weak or a failure because you saw a therapist?

Initially, therapist, Amy Chang, LMFT felt that way. "I have to sheepishly admit that I succumbed to the societal pressure and shared the same beliefs that there must be something really wrong with me for wanting to see a therapist."

Chang overcame the stigma of therapy and reports finding great value in seeing a therapist.

Value of Therapy vs. Therapy Stigma

It takes courage to see a therapist because, for some, accepting help can be scary and difficult. In medicine, doctors often use this simple equation in determining whether to administer medication or do a procedure on a patient: Will the benefits outweigh the risks? If you are dealing with emotional or mental distress that is affecting your personal or professional life maybe answering that question will lead you in the right direction.

"Entering therapy was like entering a world of love and compassion. It felt comforting to finally interact with someone who would be with me in my darkness, listen to me and reach out to the part of me who wanted to live." ~ Hedda Riktor

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