Having a Mental Illness is Scary

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Having a Mental Illness is Scary

It is scary having a mental illness. And I'm not just referring to dealing with mental health symptoms on a day-to-day basis. I was thinking of the social aspects of living with a mental illness and what it may mean in your life.

Having a Mental Illness is Scary

Many worry that potential or current relationship partners will end up rejecting them and they'll be lonely. Others are concerned parents or partners will die before they do and how will they cope with their mental illness without a caring person beside them.

These are all legitimate concerns that may exist or come true and then again, they may not. You may meet a kind, caring person who is just right for you and accepts you the way you are. As you get older, better treatments may come along or you may discover that you're better able to care for yourself. What I'm getting at is that it's essential not to let your fears run away with you. It's important to look at them realistically and "in the moment" (therapists call this mindfulness). Another helpful way of dealing with worry and fear is to be able to talk them out. Keeping them inside, can give them undue power. Of course, you can discuss them with your therapist or a close friend. Another place, where you'll find people "just like you" is in a support group. You'll not only find people who are willing to listen, but these are people who have been or are in the same place as you. It's helpful and a relief to know that you're not truly alone. You just have to reach out and take the first step sometimes. Finally, check out this article on 10 Ways to Live Free From Fear. Some of the ideas may prove helpful to you.

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