How To Support Someone with Mental Illness

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Supporting someone with a mental illness can be challenging. Learn 5 principles on how to support someone with a mental illness at HealthyPlace

How To Support Someone with Mental Illness

Supporting someone with mental illness takes an understanding of what that person may be experiencing. Generally speaking, living with mental illness presents a host of challenges, not the least of which is a sense of isolation and separateness from the rest of the world. It's not uncommon for people who've been diagnosed with a mental illness to lose jobs, friendships, or marriages. Having a mental illness can mean extended loneliness.

However, this isn't always due to intentional abandonment. Sometimes, friends and partners want to remain connected and supportive. Knowing what do say and do, though, can be difficult for even the most well-meaning of people (Supporting the Mentally Ill: Best Things to Say).

5 Principles in Supporting Someone with a Mental Illness

These five principles can form the foundation of your plan to support someone with mental illness.

  1. Reassure: "I'm here for you. I won't stop liking/loving you because you're struggling."
  2. Ask: "What would be helpful to you right now?"
  3. Offer: "Cleaning helps me deal with stress, and I'd like to come over there and clean."
  4. Check in: "I'm going to touch base with you tomorrow."
  5. Encourage: "This isn't who you are. You are your strengths and character."

When it comes to being supportive, simple is best. Often, the very best way to support someone with mental illness is to just be present. The goal isn't to solve someone's problems but rather to stand beside him while he works through them.

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